it’s official, i’m a fan. that could be because i actually sold $500 worth of -crap- stuff on there this month. stuff i thought no one would ever want.

it should be noted that i won’t be $500 richer when it’s all said and done. ebay gets their cut, paypal gets their cut, and i’m covering some shipping overages for the G4 Cube, mainly because i really really want it to arrive intact.

there’s also one auction that was won but it’s in limbo because that person seems to not be on the up-and-up. so we’ll see how that turns out.

all in all though, i am well pleased. i also took a beetle-ful of crap to goodwill tonight, which feels good. goodwill’s really busy right now, i guess because of halloween. well, the halloweenies will enjoy some of the things i donated tonight. wigs and creeeeepy dolls.

soon my house will be full of boys and boy-stuff. i am still wondering where we’ll put it all.

Get Out The Crap (GOTC)

While the “Obama grassroots machine”:http://www.ovenall.com/diary/2008/10/obama-supporter-not-fully-dres/ is working on GOTV, my job at home is definitely GOTC. J moves in in a week.

Today I focused on the back bedroom. For the most part I know what needs to leave the house, today i worked on consolidating the things I’m keeping into a smaller amount of space in the room, opening up some storage and a table for J.

This evening I listed a bunch of stuff on craigslist and ebay. I would love for it to all be gone by Friday.

Tomorrow I focus on the attic. Removing things that need to leave the house (GIANT TIKI HEAD!) and getting a few things up into the attic. Hopefully more will leave the attic than will go up there.


it was time. really time. it seemed like i’d been waiting for apple to update their macbook line all year. the dead computers were piling up around my house and the sole working computer had a history of hard drive problems. oh, it was time.

i went to the durham store; they’d sold out during the time since i’d called. i went home and called the raleigh store. “we’ve got plenty!” the dude said. i hoped that was true.

i trekked out to raleigh. the store is exasperating. there’s no clear cash register. everyone in a blue, turquoise or orange shirt seemed to find me invisible. i stood near someone who was buying a powerbook in the hopes that his sales dood would help me next. that didn’t happen.

i finally realized that part of the genius bar is a cash register. huh? okay. the orange shirt at the register told me he’d get me someone to help.

finally, turquoise shirt arrived. i know exactly what i want, i said. i rattled it off, the exact specs.

“now let’s find out what you’re going to be doing with this computer to make sure you’re getting the right one.” helpful to most people; oh so frustrating to me. “no, no, no, no! we don’t need to do this. just SELL ME THE COMPUTER.” yes, i actually said that to the poor guy.

“okay. is this your first apple product?”

“not. even. remotely.”

“okay, so you already know about our genius bar and everything?”


he was okay though, or at least i thought he was when he came back with a couple of boxes. we had a nice little conversation. he tried to get me to crack it open in the store so he could show me stuff, but i wanted out of there.

i called J from the parking lot. he’s a little jealous.


oh, and i got a terabyte time capsule, too. my track record on backups is dismal so perhaps this will improve things.

favorite local business contraction

it’s been sad to see some of my all-time favorite local business contract significantly over the last year. Found another one tonight.

so far…

* Vis-Art closed all their Durham stores

* Hold Your Own moved their Chapel Hill store to a really unattractive, small space in Durham, and closed their Raleigh store

* and now Ecko is closing their Chapel Hill store and moving stock into the Durham store.

I think a decent percentage of the lasting components of my household have come from the last two stores. At least they’re not gone completely.

another ending

not nearly as traumatic, but it gave me a start. the first web site i ever did, wxdu.org, has finally been replaced.

i neglected to take screenshots of the old site before it was replaced, but i trust that the internet wayback machine will store it for all time.

it gave me rather a start to read the mail, “the new web site is live!”.

Thank you to everyone.

I want to thank everyone who has let me know that they were sorry to hear of Moses’ passing and that they are thinking of us. I really appreciate it.

I am okay. This weekend was pretty bad, and I’m glad I was with J. Coming home without Mo was very sad, and I still expect to see him every time I walk into the living room. It’s strange to be at work at the end of the day and not need to get home for any particular reason.

Mostly it’s okay though. I know he was ready to go.

Moses “Brown” Linn, 6/28/91 – 10/4/08

moses3.gif Moses died this morning in Newport News, Va. Jason and I were with him when he died.

He was the most extraordinary cat I’ve ever known. We were together for seventeen years… probably almost to the day. When he and his mother Franny came to live with me, he was so young that he was still nursing.

He loved hunting small furry creatures, wresting with shoes, being chased, making the bed, being scratched under the chin, talking, and cheese.

I miss him.