The Comprehensive Clothing Project

well, i like to call it that. it makes it sound like a secret op in a spy movie, or something. this is how i glam up the unglamorous task of cleaning out old clothes and shoes.

i weeded out four trash bags of clothes that i’m donating. there’s about ten more items that are nice enough to sell. i’ve got about a dozen pairs of shoes to either sell or donate.

ideally i would get rid of everything that’s too small, but i can’t bear to. there are things that i was wearing less than a year ago that are too small now, things i really like. even worse are the beautiful Threadless tees which i just can’t give up (but also just can’t wear. now.)

anything that’s junk, though, is gone. it’s all nice stuff.

i do find that i have intense emotions connected to certain things. the blouse i wore the evening we went out to celebrate our engagement. the pants i wore when i held my dying cat in my lap. it’s easy to see how i might hang on to things long past their usefulness. or how i might have tended to do that in the past.

clothes are just clothes though. believe me, i don’t need a pair of pants to remind me of what it was like when moses died.

i find that i have no emotional attachment to the (absolutely _hideous_ ) roswell t-shirts. i’ll keep one of the two first-year shirts that i have, but i’m getting rid of all the rest. i would never want to actually wear them, so it’s better if i give them to people who will. not sure what i’ll do with them exactly but i’m sure someone will want them.

Char-Grill in Durham

yes! there is now a char-grill in durham, and tonight we ate there.

things that are the same:

* the fries

* the burgers

* you write your order on a little slip, and put it down a chute

things that are different, and therefore heretical and wrong:

* there’s an inside

* with individual tables and chairs – no picnic tables

* and music, heat, and presumably air conditioning

* you don’t automatically get fries and a drink

* there’s a place to check off ketchup and mustard for your burger, you don’t have to write it in.

* you get your own drink and condiments

it’s over by woodcroft, and it’s in durham, so i’m sure it will be populated by people who have _no idea_ what the char-grill is. but that’s okay. the guy at the window i talked to worked at the original store for three years and i’ve decided that he’s okay.


so, when last we spoke i believe i was getting ready to donate a whole room packed with crap to a local charity. and so i did. credit, a lot of it, goes to Jason who patiently waited all day for the charity guy to come, even though he was craving a Q-shack sandwich and there was nothing good in the house to eat.

in the end it was perhaps best i wasn’t there as my belongings were not treated with the most care by the charity pickup guy. but– you know, the thing i had the hardest time parting with is extremely sturdy (one of my grandfather’s old reel to reel’s, a portable one that closed to form a hard case), and no doubt survived as intact.

i came home to a magically functional dining room which contains nothing except what it should — a table, four chairs, two bar stools, a tablecloth and two candlesticks. the dining room has a fierce defender; jason will not allow the pristine, clear horizontal surface to be occupied by anything except a meal. i think that is a good thing.

while every room except the dining room is still host to some clutter, almost every room is quite functional and we are not living in a sea of boxes. this amazes me. i moved into this house over ten years ago and unpacked the last boxes this summer. jason moved in two weeks ago and has unpacked virtually everything.

the most distressing room is now the back bedroom, which serves as office/craft/sewing room. or at least, it should… currently only jason’s side of the room is actually functional, and the passage into the room is constricted by bookcases that need to move… somewhere.

my task tonight is to remove all the things in that room that i already know need to leave the house… then see what else i can get rid of.

Get out the CRAP, II

while the GOTV effort is now over (and way to go GOTV volunteers!!), my GOTC effort trundles along, gaining momentum with each passing week.

i finally turned to freecycle for one large item i could not sell after a month on craigslist, and couldn’t get a charity to pick up, due to its size. freecycle was the ticket; within moments of the posting, i had three offers and the item was gone less than 24 hours later.

Currently the dining room is packed with items that are going to charity. I found one that will take a mattress and boxspring and they’re supposed to come out Thursday to pick everything up. I’ve added boxes of household items and bags of clothes to the stack almost every day since I called them. Getting rid of that stuff is going to be huge.

Right now the most of the rooms are not too bad, except for the back bedroom. There’s just too much stuff back there, and access is difficult because of two bookcases right at the entryway. Future GOTC efforts may be focused back there.

Voter #84

Voted at around 8am this morning. There was no line, I only saw three other voters in my polling place while I was there.

The lady ahead of me wasn’t in the registration book and was sent to the “exceptions” table– probably for a provisional ballot. This did not exactly fill my heart with warmth. I hope she wasn’t purged from the rolls.

Anyway, it was kind of a letdown not to wait in line! I was all prepared with my warm boots, rain jacket and everything. Maybe everyone early voted.

less than two percent


i said “OH MY GOD” when i saw this. mccain’s path to victory is, quite literally, disappearing.

but remember: it’s NOT ZERO PERCENT. and hey– the polls could be completely wrong.

i’ve got my game plan for voting tomorrow morning and i won’t leave the ag building premises without having cast my vote, once i arrive.

jason will be heading back from virginia after he votes tomorrow and we’ll watch the returns together…

boys live here

so, what have I been doing this week?

short answer: J and Reese live here now.

long answer:

saturday J and Reese arrived and we spent the weekend working on getting my house ready, getting some big stuff up in the attic & etc.

monday after dismantling my bed, we drove to Va. it was cold and raining and after we arrived we took the dog for a particularly miserable walk in Port Warwick.

tuesday we picked up a u-haul and spent the day filling it. the weather was dry but I was quite unprepared for how cold it had become.

wednesday our plan was to dismantle J’s bed, pack it and leave by 1pm. that didn’t happen. we didn’t have time tuesday to finish packing everything so we needed extra time on wednesday. we wound up leaving town at 4:30pm. J drove the U-haul and i drove J’s car with Reese in the back.

the drive was uneventful, which was a relief. no rain, no problems with the rental.

we got to my house around 8pm. i remembered that the movers who moved me into my house had backed their truck up on my lawn and run a ramp from the truck to my front stoop, like a gangplank going over the steps. we decided to try this as it would make unloading far less difficult.

unfortunately after a long day of packing and driving, in the dark, i was not really up to the task of guiding the truck into place. nothing bad really happened, we both just got kind of frustrated during the process. but J did a great job anyway of wedging the truck between the oak tree and the stoop without crushing my lamppost.

we unloaded the bed and set it up, ordered pizza and called it a (very long and tiring) day.

thursday we unloaded the truck, which was a breeze compared to loading it. the only problem really was where to put all the boxes. currently the back bedroom and dining room hold most of them. of course, the next problem is where to put everything after it’s unpacked. i’ve gotten rid of tons of stuff this year, and especially this month, but we both still have too much stuff for this house.

anyway, the truck was duly returned on thursday to that bombed-out looking u-haul depot on chapel hill blvd (actually a pretty efficient operation) and it’s official, the boys live here now!

yesterday we had kind of a slack morning (after a week of hectic ones) ran some errands, did some minor halloween decorating in the front yard and some unpacking, then entertained trick-or-treaters for a few hours.

we set up in the front yard again this year which i think is a good way to do it. we used my fire pit with hardwood charcoal to keep warm and drank hot cider. this worked pretty well, except that no one knows how to get into my yard. the driveway doesn’t offer a very even surface to walk on (and is blocked by our many cars) and the front yard has a brick wall that’s just barely too high for most people to negotiate comfortably.

i had far fewer trick-or-treaters this year than last year, which was kind of a bummer. on the up side, the vast majority were little kids in nicely thought out costumes, and zero hulking teenage boys with no costume, which is pretty much a reversal of ten years ago when i first moved into this house.

this morning we went to daisy cakes for breakfast and then the farmer’s market. i had a “pop t’art” which is basically homemade pie crust with seedless raspberry jam in the middle. so freaking great. and their coffee is fantastic, too. and it’s all served out of an airstream trailer!!

J heads back up to Va tomorrow for a few appointments and to vote on Tuesday. I never early voted so I’ll be going in on Tuesday morning early and will just be prepared to wait it out as long as I have to. It should be exciting.