voting rights for DC

see, if the Senate passes a bill that allows congressional voting rights for the District, it will immediately be challenged on a Constitutional basis in the Supreme Court, and then _everyone_ will know that there’s a part of the continental US that is neither a state nor a commonwealth.

which means that when I tell people I was born in such a place, they will immediately know where I was borned*. so much for my awesome “where i was born” riddle.

on the up side, i’d be down with the District having voting rights. you know?

_*cuteoverload speak, not a typo._

a surprisingly good fish outcome

Phil’s blog entry prompted me – we have flounder in the freezer which i’ve been resisting eating – but tonight i agreed to give it a try.

google brought me to a tasty sounding cooking process – steaming the flounder fillets over a bed of greens mixed liberally with ginger, garlic and soy sauce. the flavors were supposed to infuse the fish.

the first night i really felt sick, we ate salmon, so i was quite nervous about eating fish. initially, my doctor suggested i may have developed an allergy to seafood (or nuts, or citrus, or dairy…)

the allergy idea seemed preposterous – as far as i know, the only things that give me histamine reactions are the usual, like poison ivy. but it has stuck in my mind.

the end result, however, was just fine. the fish was tasty, the greens were intense, and i had no perceptible reaction to eating any of it.

in fact, in general i have been feeling pretty good this week, although i still seem to need to eat small amounts of protein-rich food continuously throughout the day. which isn’t so bad so long as no one steals my cheese out of the communal fridge. not that any of my cow-orkers would do such a thing. right? oh, no…

hey, where is lisa?

well the main thing is that i have been sick.

the reigning theory is that i have clinical hypoglycemia with a nice side of anxiety. but they don’t know for sure. the anxiety they can give me drugs for. the hypoglycemia i’m trying to control with an atkins-like diet but i still get debilitating highs and lows. well, the lows are debilitating and the highs aren’t that high.

i lost about -10%- 5% of my body weight in two weeks, so i’m specifically trying *not* to lose any more weight right now. i have trouble eating very much at any one time, though, and of course atkins is designed for weight loss, amongst other things.

things have also been busy in general. we’re in the final weeks before jason’s house goes on the market. it’s come a long way in the last few weeks, but the pressure is really on. there’s a lot of painting, which normally i could rock out on, but i am really not at 100% right now.

if the house sells in the next few months, a lot of potential financial worries magically go away. so the better it looks, the better the chance of it selling.

so there you go. i’m going to doctor’s offices, i’m going to work, i’m alternately eating and wanting to lay down (many times a day), i’m walking with the boy and the dog, and i’m traveling to virginia to work on the boy’s house.

so that’s where i am.

today was valentines day

today is valentines day

i feel more attached to the day than i have in the past

my theory is this is because we are now engaged

so anyway

today i visited the daisy cakes trailer, and bought a cupcake for my sweetie

and we had a nice breakfast

and watched BSG, which was much more gripping this week

we packed and we drove to virginia

we walked at my favorite place to walk, port warwick

then back at the house we measured things and wrote a list

we went to the big blue store and bought muratic acid, stair treads, and other useful things

then we walked to the blue cactus

but they were closing and didn’t want to feed us


we went there the night we got engaged

so we went elsewhere

a place for steak

very busy tonight but it was a pleasant meal anyway

then came home

we’re watching the x-files movie

and wondering

where in Virginia do they get that much ice and snow, really?


i turned forty and my body immediately fell to pieces. i could blog about it (nothing is really serious, so it would just be complaining) but that would be boring.

but i don’t have that much else to blog about. i guess as gran used to say i have been “kindly poorly”. bleh.

Fluevog Lady Grey

le sigh.

lady grey

i really, really love these. the second they showed up on the fluevog web site i was gasping over them.

they’re on sale now, but like everyone else, i sort of feel like i should sit on whatever money i have instead of spending it on stuff i don’t really need. and oh, there’s that wedding to save up for.

i also know all too well that too high and tiny of a heel means i won’t really wear them much.

but oh, man… i do like em.