Katherine Mary MacDonald Rosberry, 1918 – 2009

Katherine Mary MacDonald Rosberry, 90, died on July 31, 2009 in Adamstown, MD. She was born December 16, 1918 in Boston, MA, the daughter of Effie MacLeod MacDonald and Robert James MacDonald.

Kay earned a degree in home economics from Simmons College in Boston and worked until her marriage advising young mothers on nutrition. Thereafter, she put her knowledge into practice raising four healthy children on home grown fruits and vegetables. She also volunteered to teach young mothers how to sew clothing and curtains and how to prepare thrifty meals.

Kay loved her flower gardens, wild birds, and road trips up and down the East coast. She and Fred visited friends and family from Florida to Nova Scotia.

Until her move to Buckingham

be my neighbor, part 2

Here’s the rental house listing “on craigslist.”:http://raleigh.craigslist.org/apa/1300066104.html

i spoke with the owners today; they seem intent on making it a nice place to live, keeping it that way, and installing excellent tenants this time around.

there’s an open house tomorrow, from 1-3 I think. they had one today and they’re actually still there (at 5:45) doing more work on the house.