Reading material

* “Rolling Stone – Sick and Wrong”: – Thanks “Stu”: for this one. depressing, and a little out of date now, but still revealing about the current health insurance reform debacle.

* From the ever fashionable “Audi,”: how to pack for a trip…

** “Packing How-To’s: Clothing, Part 1”:

** “Packing How-To’s: Clothing, Part 2”:

* “Dymaxion Car Restored”: – There’s only one of Bucky Fuller’s Dymaxion cars left, and it has finally reached the hands of someone who will restore it properly.

* “Omaha Fashion Week Re-Cap”: – Apparently, Omaha NE has its own fashion week. Who knew? Why don’t we have one around here??

* “The Fluevog fall line”: – So many pretty shoes!