last weekend i bought an ipod touch. i am fond of it, and enjoy many things about it, but i would not yet say that i can’t live without it. i think that’s how i’ve felt about all of my handheld devices except my mobile phone; my handspring visor, my series of ipods. i’m quite fond, but not dependent.

j’s house has sold (yay!) and after the money came through we visited a sprint store so he could look at an HTC Hero, which runs google android and just came out on october 11th.

it was disappointing. i also played with the much-vaunted palm pre, and found it to be disappointing as well. after just a week of using the apple touch i have no desire to put up with a less intuitive more cluttered interface – which both of these devices sport.

J may replace his phone – but i bet he won’t get a smartphone. we’re back to waiting until mid-2010 to see if verizon – his carrier – gets the iphone. if it does i imagine we’ll both get them although verizon doesn’t seem to get any better reception at my house than at&t. sprint gets stellar reception which is one reason to stay with them for now, and one reason J was tempted to switch away from verizon.

Reading Material – 10/7/09

* “boingboing”: – the boingboing redesign is MAKING MY EYES BLEED. this may actually be worse than when xeni was posting about porn and zero grav flight every three minutes. i am not not not interested in adding b2 to my RSS reader – i like to skim the headlines every so often and that’s it.

* “the hidden seed”: a very beautiful fashion blog that is as much about inner beauty as outer.