iPad thoughts

for me: i think if grabbing magazines were like grabbing songs off of iTunes, i’d be pretty into that. one of the things i hate about magazines now is that i’m left with this physical artifact laying around my house that i do. not. want. and have to dispose of.

for others: i’ve been pondering whether my mom would enjoy an iPad. right now she uses a windows desktop. she’s definitely into communicating online with friends and family so maybe doing that from the screen porch would be more fun than being up in a little room in the house? OTOH, maybe she doesn’t want the internet to intrude into the living areas. i can see her feeling that way.

if it were five years ago i’d be trying to think of a way to run a mobile web cam off the thing. but not so much these days.


What is FWDFA ™?







and it’s threatening our town!!


you must be fully prepared to make french toast if you cannot leave your house!


okay, more seriously, i am fearing a days-long power outage. we’ve made our preparations (which did not involve either milk or eggs, but did include a 40 lb bag of salt, which will last us for the rest of our lives, most likely, given the infrequency of ice storms in central NC).

if things go well and we just get a nice snow, i plan to try my hand at waffles made with a yeast batter. how lovely to have several inches of snow, no power outage, and fresh hot waffles!


and in other, other news, style blogs have become my favorite places on the internet to visit. i even found one that’s local; it’s fun to guess where all the locations are in their photos.

while i’m tempted to join the style blogging fray, this might be one internet group that i’ll just choose to lurk on, mostly. i’ve joined plenty of online groups in my time going back to the early 90’s and i’m not sure i have it in me to join another. plus, posting photos of myself all the time would just feel… vain, i guess.

somewhat related, fluevog has been running a series called “everyday shoes” via twitter and facebook; people who own lots of fluevogs post photos of themselves wearing a different pair every day for a month. these photos don’t usually include the wearer’s face, so if i had enough fluevogs, i could do that and it would be a fun challenge.

so, i have been asked many times how many fluevogs i have. well, that’s a trick question because i own at least one pair that i’ll never be able to wear comfortably (they’re a size too small, and i keep them on display at all times). there are a few pairs that require the attention of a good cobbler before they’ll be wearable again. but assuming i had those pairs repaired… well, i don’t quite have a month’s worth, although I almost have a non-leap February’s worth. I could do it if it were only weekdays, or if I recruited a couple of local pinch-hitters.