9Westy – For Sale

1982 VW Vanagon, Westfalia (camper), diesel

$2500 OBO

I have been in the process of turning 9 Westy into an art car for several years. I am expecting, so I won’t be able to finish the project, and I need to sell the vehicle.


All camper equipment is intact. I have replaced the curtains (but retained the originals) and replaced the foam and upholstery for the lower bed with new high density foam pads. The upper bunk is original and in excellent condition.

I have not used any of the propane equipment. The previous owner said that the propane tank had been reconditioned. I have used the fridge on both 12 V DC and 110 V AC electrical and it worked fine.

The camper pop-top and forward luggage rack have been removed from the Westy, and are intact and in good condition. The pop-top canvas is usable but I was planning to replace it.


I haven’t started the vehicle in a few years. Until that time, it was in running condition and may still be. Maintenance and repair work has been performed by a factory trained VW mechanic, and includes: oil pressure switch replaced, brake line replaced, ignition switch replaced, valve cover gasket replaced (and various engine parts cleaned and painted), and more. I have receipts for maintenance and repairs performed.

The engine is a factory reconditioned engine. The dash has been removed, but is intact and can be re-installed.


To turn the Westy into an art car, I have been in the process of removing the paint, bondo, primer and galvanizing layer from the body of the van.

Most of the van (approximately 70%) is bare metal at this point. There are areas of rust penetration on the body. Most of the bolt-on parts on the van exterior have been removed and bagged with their hardware. This includes mirrors, lights, bumpers, etc.


The van is located in a garage near downtown Durham. The buyer will need to provide a way to tow it. The camper top is one block from the van, and the camper top, forward luggage rack and a few miscellaneous interior parts are stored at my house. The camper top is heavy, and will require several adults to lift.

I am happy to share more details or answer questions about the mechanical condition of the van, or what I planned to do with the project.

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