a nice place to sit

i’ve decided that my kitchen table is just fine, but the chairs are not. the chairs should be replaced.

i like the 50’s formica dinette look that i’ve currently got, but i want chairs with more style and i also don’t think red is the ideal color for the chairs. my kitchen is predominantly green (the floor) and pale yellow (walls), and i think too much red will have it looking like christmas all year ’round in there.

these chairs are expensive if you buy them new, and finding just what one wants on ebay is dicey, and sometimes just as expensive.

of the new ones i’ve found, here are my favorites: “diamond cut back, paper clip legs.”:http://www.50sdiner.biz/chairs-stools/diamond-paper-clip.html i’d get two yellow and two turquoise. i’m concerned, though, that the cut-out back would be uncomfortable.

an alternative would be the “diamond back chair.”:http://www.50sdiner.biz/chairs-stools/diamond-back.html not quite as hit-you-over-the-head stylish, but potentially much more comfortable.

amazon offers a much less expensive version of the “racing stripe back chair,”:http://www.50sdiner.biz/chairs-stools/aqua-white-racing.html but i’d have to get four all in yellow– they don’t offer aqua.

anyway. if you were coming to have dinner, or brunch, or a polynesian luau at my place– which one would you want to sit on?