A slight correction; cleaning out

We’re well into the territory of interesting to NO ONE but me, but I found another vet invoice today from moses’ early years that lists his birth date as June 28, 1991, which is probably his for-real actual day of birth.

This was in the process of cleaning out my basement. Today I attacked the stuff that has, historically, bothered me the most– boxes that i packed at my old apartment, moved to this house eight years ago, shoved in the basement and never unpacked. they’ve been sitting right in the flood zone so i knew it would be an ugly job.

Most of it’s in the trash now– it wasn’t worth keeping anyway, even if it had not been ruined– but i deemed a surprising amount of stuff salvageable and worth salvaging. most of that will need to go to goodwill. Besides moses’ actual birth date, I think the best thing I found was a Fluevog catalog in decent condition that has my favorite Lift Offs as the centerfold.

each box was like a time capsule (of crap) from different points in my life. it was mildly interesting to see that stuff but man, i really used to have a problem discerning what was worth keeping and what wasn’t.

tomorrow i’m going to attack the section that is stuff i set aside for goodwill, shoved in the basement before a party, and is probably mostly trash now.