a surprisingly good fish outcome

Phil’s blog entry prompted me – we have flounder in the freezer which i’ve been resisting eating – but tonight i agreed to give it a try.

google brought me to a tasty sounding cooking process – steaming the flounder fillets over a bed of greens mixed liberally with ginger, garlic and soy sauce. the flavors were supposed to infuse the fish.

the first night i really felt sick, we ate salmon, so i was quite nervous about eating fish. initially, my doctor suggested i may have developed an allergy to seafood (or nuts, or citrus, or dairy…)

the allergy idea seemed preposterous – as far as i know, the only things that give me histamine reactions are the usual, like poison ivy. but it has stuck in my mind.

the end result, however, was just fine. the fish was tasty, the greens were intense, and i had no perceptible reaction to eating any of it.

in fact, in general i have been feeling pretty good this week, although i still seem to need to eat small amounts of protein-rich food continuously throughout the day. which isn’t so bad so long as no one steals my cheese out of the communal fridge. not that any of my cow-orkers would do such a thing. right? oh, no…