a tiny light shines; vogs on display

i removed mt-blacklist and comments started working, magically, on the new blog.

meanwhile i am proceeding to back up the laptop to dvd which is hampered by the drive being close to full. i’ve got the cube connected via firewire; it suddenly won’t boot after the external hard drive fiasco, but it booted to target disk mode without complaint, disk utility was able to mount the disk but claims it, too is now damaged and can’t be fixed. nevertheless, i can drag files to it while it’s in target disk mode, which is all i need, just a little place to put a few things while i do the big backup.


last night m and i went to firefly to check out the vintage fluevog display she has going on. the place was deserted (sigh) and i had a nice chat with the owner about how her business has gone downhill and she’s not sure if she’ll move or just close up shop altogether.

m and i encouraged her to move to durham and suggested the old macdonald’s drug store on 9th street; lots of foot traffic, well-heeled duke students nearby, and the drug store is quite original, with soda fountain, so it would make a very cute boutique. she seemed to perk up a bit at the idea.

there were a few choice examples on display, older ‘vogs i’d seen pictures of but had never seen in person. i was sad, though, that she had no lifoffs! otherwise known as “the spacegirl shoes”, i have two pairs and an amusing anecdote behind them, which i related to her. so today i brought her a few things to add to the display; the liftoffs, the pointy witchy shoes, and the pink nuns. the pink nuns aren’t old enough to be vintage but they were a limited edition and most people would never have seen them. i don’t think she had; she flipped out over them. they also add some much-needed color to the display.

oh, and i have been asked more than once recently how many fluevogs i have. i decided to count today, and i will confess for all the internets to hear, that i have twenty pair. i am no carrie bradshaw; i have not spent $20,000 on shoes. not even close.