due to a Startling Revelation Cliffhanger ™ at the end of the last Alias of the season, i have been having an Alias season one marathon this weekend. i have two observations:

one, someone in the production department digs european vans. it being a spy show, they use a lot of vans for skulking about with loads of equipment. so far, in addition to the bare metal van that i believe i mentioned in an earlier blog post, i have seen “a citroen van,”: a “spiffy new vw eurovan,”: and, oh yes, a “lovely blue vanagon!”: and nary a boring american minivan, white panel van, or black suv in sight.

two, they have this little tiny spray bottle that knocks people out. you just puff a little in their face and down they go. i wonder if something like that actually exists? i totally want that.