all mo, all the time

so, a little moses update. we went to the vet today. mo is doing okay. we’re still in the valley of anemia but not getting any deeper. this seems to be making him very tired, which in turn makes him not want to get up and go get food and water. while i was gone over the weekend, my pet sitter didn’t realize that he was eating and drinking abnormally low amounts and that she needed to bring the food and water to him to help him. this was just a SNAFU and no one’s fault really. when i got home late sunday i could see that he was dehydrated and when i brought him his food, he ate hungrily. he was due for fluids and that pretty much took care of the dehydration right away. since then i’ve been bringing him his food and water if he won’t go to it, and he’s eating just fine.

monday evening i also decided to re-start the oral potassium just to see if it would help. i have seen in the past that it makes him stronger when he stands up and walks. i think it has helped and dr. c is okay with continuing that.

sadly, i think moses was the healthiest patient dr. c saw this morning. i guess if you log enough hours in a vet’s waiting room, you’re going to see stuff you’d rather not, and i have certainly logged more than my fair share of hours there. oh well. it’s the circle of life, i guess. my sturdy little man is still hanging in there anyway, and i am starting to really be hopeful he’s going to make it to his 17th birthday at the end of this month. only 24 days to go.