and another chocolate covered strawberry to top it off

ending winter vacation with J in Va by going to Chain Fondue Restaurant and becoming very, very full.

the wine i had kind of sucked and everything else was decadent and wonderful. now we are groaning in our separate areas, J downstairs with the puppy and probably an episode of babylon 5; me upstairs with the kitty and the internets.

spending winter vacation with J is far superior to spending it alone in durham with everyone out of town.

i have been _devouring_ ‘the omnivore’s dilemma’, and the resulting thoughts and conversations have been interesting. nothing in the book really shocks me. it has been interesting to remember why i already know a little about the realities of industrial farming. it makes me want to grow more of my own food, although i’m sure that idea will be short-lived.

man, i am full.