…and into the foulness some sweetness.

today i had lunch with my high school boyfriend, “jason.”:http://www.spacepod.org/rtp/archives/000446.html we had not seen each other since 1986.

i think the best way to describe him would be _not shy._ in fact, he’s the opposite of shy. he’s not just talkative or friendly; he’s not shy about _anything._ and it’s way too easy to make him laugh with a geeky, dirty joke, which i have to admit i now enjoy.

there was something inexplicably comforting about being around him. you know how when you see a friend from long ago, sometimes you feel the exact same way you used to feel around them? i think there was a little bit of that going on, and surprisingly, it was a good thing.

he told me the story of calling me for the first time, and then the second time. i have no memory of any of this! he said the first time, it didn’t go so well. he characterized it as, “Um, hi. So, do you like, um, stuff?”

so the second time, he was prepared. he made a list of things to talk to me about. and then he said he’d wondered if he should make a list today, but he assured me he had not.

i told him it was very flattering to know that someone put that much thought into calling me.