another new one

woke up unnaturally early today, went out and got jesus chicken for breakfast. headed over to whole foods to do a little shopping, and had to wait in my car for a little while for the store to open.

a sleek silver minivan pulled up and parked next to me. the woman inside was talking animatedly on a cellphone.

the doors to the store opened, so i started gathering my things. out of the corner of my eye, i could see the woman get out of her van, and pause as the writing on the spacepod caught her interest. i could tell that as soon as i got out of the car, we were going to have The Conversation. i resigned myself to it.

The Conversation went as usual, until the very end. she asked, as most people do, “Where do you get it?” “An Exxon station on Duke Street.”

Her face fell. “Oh.” and then she said, “Well, I mean, it’s just a bummer to support Exxon.” Seeing that this wasn’t going over well with me, she added, apologetically, “For me.” I grimaced a little smile, and walked away.

Coming back out of the store, I looked at that minivan. Most of you will not be surprised to learn that I have some idea of the fuel mileage rating of this particular vehicle.

I wish I’d said to her, “It must be a bummer, for you, to get 17mpg.”

Seriously, is there a petroleum company that _is_ worth supporting? I don’t want to buy any more product from oil companies than I have to. That’s one of the many reasons I drive a car that gets more than _twice_ the fuel mileage of her minivan.

I realize there may be reasons to drive a minivan that can’t be covered by, say, a Prius, a Highlander or an Escape hybrid SUV, or a Passat TDI wagon, but that doesn’t give her room to be smug.

I really do think it may be time to remove the lettering from my car.