‘arry potter!

“sarah’s comment about how the kids in this potter movie don’t wear their robes got me to thinking about the movie…”:http://www.ovenall.com/diary/archives/002025.php

i actually dug the street clothes _so_ much that i forgot that they should be wearing robes! but sarah is correct, they make a big deal about the robes in the books and that’s what they ought to be wearing. i’ve just always had a thing for those earthy brown english “jumpers”, possibly as a result of reading too much as a child.

i love david thewlis and was so pleased with him in this role. so often the films he does are difficult to watch. his breakthrough role in mike leigh’s ‘naked’ is so painful that although i loved the movie at the time, i’ve never been able to bring myself to watch it again.

alan rickman, as always, is fantastic. he’s so good that you even get to see glimpses of the nerdy outcast teenaged boy who was picked on by the popular kids (harry’s dad and friends) without any of the plot or dialogue that brings that out.