fun at work

i have an unusual project at work right now – shooting video tutorials. the boring tutorial part is being dressed up with some distracting, creative stuff to suck people in. it’s immensely fun. and i get to use video editing software and really make good use of the Mac i have at work. i can’t imagine tackling this project with a windows box. i’m sure it can be done, but i wouldn’t know how to do it, and i wouldn’t already have all the software i need.

once upon a time i wanted to be a filmmaker. that didn’t happen, but i wonder now if i missed becoming a film editor. i don’t really have a strong enough eye to be a good cinematographer or even director, but i’m pretty detail oriented and i generally find editing to be quite enjoyable. it’s the same combination of creative and technical that i find satisfying in web work. who knows?

welcome to the modern age.

after many years of waiting and much debate over technical merits and philosophical problems with the various vendors, J and i are now owners of those modern day marvels, “smart phones”.

indeed yes, they are iphones.

theoretically they are on trial in our household; we have thirty days to return them for a full refund and cancellation of contract. however, after only a day i am already in love with mine and things would have to take quite a downturn for me to return the thing.

here are the two experiences that really turned my head…

1) shooting a video and editing it on the phone. eleven years ago i did this the old fashioned way, with a big camera, tapes, and a copy of final cut “borrowed” from a filmmaker friend. i scored web streaming hosting for free via other friends. the thought of accomplishing all of this so casually on a little slab of glass that i carry in my pocket makes my mind melt.

2) walking the dog in a new neighborhood. we routinely scout neighborhoods where we might like to live. i used the maps and directions function to navigate to the neighborhood, then we planned our route through the neighborhood using the map. since i’m incredibly directionally challenged while on foot, i appreciated having a map with my current location right in my pocket. it was so bloody hot, i really didn’t want to miss a turn while on foot and get lost. the real killer was that as we were walking i was able to bring up the online listings for houses we saw that were on the market.

there’s also been lots of fun and “goofiness”: with the video calling, camera and being able to check things on the internet wherever we are.

the weekly grind

lisa sanding

we’ve decided that we can’t do much more paint removal without taking out the windows and taking off the bumpers and pop-top. which is a big stage, one i’ve been anticipating for… well, years.

it gets complicated… we have to make a rack to store the glass in, and hope it doesn’t break during removal, storage or replacement. the pop top might take several people to remove and the garage is going to get crowded with all the stuff taken off the van.

we’re also approaching the point where i need to make some artistic decisions. we could put a pattern of marks in the metal before the final coating is put on; i need to figure out what, if anything, i want to do about that.

it’s van time again!

oh, finally, we are working on my poor old “van.”:

Progress 03-13-2010

and now i have help! help in the form of a husband who knows his way around power tools. and we’ve acquired an angle grinder which is a great addition to the stable of tools we’re using to remove paint, bondo, and the galvanizing layer.

no news is good

i’m on a sort of news break at the moment. i got my satellite radio all hooked up again yesterday and as a result didn’t listen to NPR during my commute. realized that i like taking news breaks sometimes and they do a lot for my mental outlook. cause you know, the news is pretty much all bad all the time.

many years ago i happened to catch a few episodes of dr. andrew weil’s “six weeks to optimum health” and for one of the weeks a news break was the goal. “if something big happens, you’ll hear about it,” i remember him saying. i still think it’s pretty solid advice.

in other, um, news i’ve started photographing my outfits after work every day because you know what? mirrors lie! i am kind of horrified, and after today feeling a little demoralized. tomorrow i plan to break out my favorite – and what i think is my best looking – cold weather ensemble. we’ll see how it stacks up.

no plans to submit said photos to “wardrobe remix”: at this time. they’re pretty much for me and me alone to be horrified by. still fascinated by fashion blogs (or, in the parlance of the community, personal style blogs).

so that was a busy day

today we

looked at my christmas present, which is now ready. it’s *beautiful* and perfect. it’s furniture.

drove out to my company for a special walk – through the woods behind my building, where i discovered recently you can get a pretty good view of the solar farm if you make it up this one really steep hill. it’s such a nice place to walk. i really consider the campus to be one of the side benefits of working there.

drove around and looked at some neighborhoods i’ve recently become intrigued with, and saw some incredible houses.

had sandwiches at parker & otis.

inspired by reading “vintage vivant”: i bid on an inexpensive vintage silk slip on ebay.

cleared a lot of residual clutter that’s been hanging out in the bedroom for the last year and moved furniture around to accommodate my birthday present. this feels like a big accomplishment to me after having this stuff sitting there in my way and bugging me for so long.

one category of stuff i had to deal with in the bedroom is costume jewelry from one of my grandmothers. i realized a few things; first, that any clutter tendencies i have, i come by honestly. she had a LOT of jewelry. second, frankly some of it was just crap – broken, earrings without mates, cheap bits of plastic, findings that are showing signs of corrosion.

i found i was able to sort through it fairly dispassionately. i threw away the things that were no longer usable. most of it i will offer to a friend who makes jewelry to see if she can harvest from or remix any of it. anything she doesn’t want i’ll give to goodwill.

i’m still left with a pretty impressive collection. much of it is clip on or screw on earrings, which i won’t wear. i’m hoping to convert some over to pierced earrings and some to brooches.

after getting the bedroom ready for the new furniture we went to WFM for a few things then made dinner.

now i’m super tired. whew.

snow paralysis

so our area is experiencing various levels of snow paralysis, which is what happens shortly after FWDFA when it turns out that it wasn’t just theater, but an actual weather event of some note. to us.

this means that everyone’s neighborhood is a sheet of ice, but larger roads are varying levels of passable. “perhaps not as passable as some may like to think,”: but passable enough for a lot of businesses to be open.

yesterday it was more crispy snow than clear, so we walked (trudged?) up to Piedmont for breakfast. we had it to ourselves, a rare treat on a sunday morning. i got one of my favorite seats in the house – up in the loft, with a direct view of the kitchen. i watched them take my home fries up from the fryolator, drain them and toss them in a bowl for seasoning.

the dog still needed walking after that, so we went on two trudges yesterday – it’s really rather tiring to negotiate snow. i had forgotten.

today my company was open at 11am, but our street was still an ice slick at 10am so i decided not to try it. most of my team worked from home as well. we’re fortunate to have that option. i was quite ready to go somewhere without trudging, though, so in the afternoon when things had turned to slush J and i went out for lunch. as expected, it’s mainly the smaller roads that are problematic.

during this evening’s trudge – which was much less trudge-ey – we encountered some bits of sidewalk that were completely clear. i commented that, as much as we complain about the state of the sidewalks in durham, they are clear of snow most of the time, and after all the trudging one can appreciate even heaved concrete and sidewalks obscured by debris and puddles.