big head dream

last night i dreamed that i had a disproportionately large head as a child. i was horrified, but relieved that i had grown into my head over the years.

in other news, i went to the dentist yesterday and i was _so_ not in the mood to have my gag reflex and jaw-holding-open stamina tested, and once again my dentist begged me to get braces.

the waterproofing investigation is interesting. i cannot emphasize enough what a tremendous resource my neighborhood e-mail list is. within minutes of my posting, i’d gotten two horror stories about the waterproofing company that i’ve gotten a quote from already, and a lot of interesting stories about how others in my situation took care of their gutter drainage issues and that in turn solved their basement water problems, without hiring a waterproofing company. which is something i’d made an attempt at last year, an attempt that didn’t work well– but maybe this year i’ll have another, more serious go at it.

i was suddenly allergic to something last week. runny nose, weepy eyes at random intervals. it’s better now. whatever it is, it’s in my house. i put a pleated allergen filter in my heating system last night, and started drooling over “refurbished dyson vacuum cleaners.”:

so, for those keeping track, i am contemplating spending vast oodles of cash on many things, and have made decisions about none. these things include, but probably aren’t limited to: a car, a dry basement, a vacuum cleaner, wacky retro dinette chairs, and oh who knows, maybe a little kitchen renovation work.

as for the car, i’m currently torn between the practical (a diesel jetta wagon) and the fun (a new beetle convertible).

i’m leaning toward the convertible.