BPAL: 2007 moons

Today Beth announced the moons for the first half of 2007. She’s bringing back some moons from a few years ago, stuff that goes for very high prices on ebay. I’m particularly hyped because one of them is Pink Moon! Pink Moon was my first BPAL love, and my bottle has gone bad. Milk Moon is also coming back, and there’s two moons in June, which probably means that the highly coveted Blue Moon will also make an appearance.

I didn’t care for the Chinese moons this year (with the notable exception of Hungry Ghost Moon), so this is excellent news. Um, not that I need any more BPAL…

From Beth’s posting to BPAL.org…

January 3: Wolf Moon

February 2: Hunger Moon

March 3: Crow Moon

April 2: Pink Moon

May 2: Milk Moon

June 1 & 30: Rose Moon and