BPAL – Black Annis

bq. _”Vast talons, foul with human flesh, there grew_

_In place of hands, and features livid blue_

_Glar’d in her visage; while the obscene waist_

_Warm skins of human victims close embraced._

bq. _The blue faced hag of the British Hills. She lives in the Dane Hills, Leicestershire, in a cave called Black Annis’ Bower Close, which she dug out of rock with her own iron-strong claws. Dozens of huge cats prowl the Bower with her, and it is guarded by a great pollarded oak in which she hides so that she may catch lambs and small children to eat. She carries her victims back to her cave, where she flays them alive before devouring them. She drapes their skins on her guardian oak to dry. Her skirt is fashioned from the skins of her prey, and her bed is a high-piled bed of their bones. Black Annis’ perfume is a mixture of damp cave lichen and oak leaf with a hint of vetiver, civet and anise.”_

ok, i didn’t _really_ try this one today, because i’m a little afraid of it. but a tiny bit got on my finger when i opened the imp for a sniff, and later moses was _very interested_ in that finger.

civet, for those not in the know, is normally excreted from a gland of the civet cat, but BPAL uses a vegan imitation of it. many people find it reacts badly with their body chemistry– or they just plain don’t like it.

more on this one later. when i’m feeling brave.