BPAL – DUBLIN! Egg Nog, Hearth, Pink Moon

the friggin motherlode arrived today! i reek. i’m happy 🙂

*on the wrists: Dublin.*

bq. _”The scent of misty forests, damp alder leaf, and the gentlest touch of white rose.”_

The first scent that really grabbed me when I read through the BPAL site was Dublin, and when the imp didn’t show last week, I was very disappointed. But crazily, today, it did! And it really smells delicious. So feminine, but not overly sweet. I keep smelling my wrists and saying, “mmmmmmm.”

update: many hours later, i mowed grass then showered. there’s a lingering “aftertaste” of dublin that’s still quite yummy.

*left arm: Hearth*

bq. _”Sweet pipe tobacco, cherry wood, the warm, worn leather of an easy chair and a pleasant, subtle waft of fireplace smoke.”_

This was a Yule Limited Edition. My first stepfather smoked cherry pipe tobacco which is one of the reasons I wanted to smell this. That, and it sounded delicious! Whoo! It’s potent. And it really does smell just like tobacco. I can’t really see wearing this as perfume except for fun every once in a while, but it could make a really nice room scent in the fall and winter and it’s just yummy and fun to smell.

*right arm: Egg Nog*

bq. _”Sweet brandy, dark rum, heavy cream, sugar, and a dash of nutmeg.”_

Another Yule Limited Edition. Delicious, sweet, creamy vanilla and brandy. It fades fast and again, I can’t see wearing it as perfume very often, but sometimes, and it could also be a nice room scent. In the bottle it has that too-strong Yankee Candle scent, but as soon as it’s less concentrated it becomes quite delicious.

Pink Moon can come later 🙂