BPAL: The Living Flame

bq. _”A luminescent red scent: breathless with passion, flickering with desire, and glowing with ardent and reverential love.”_

bq. _”Exorere, Flamma Vitae. Prodi ex loco tuo elementorum, in hunc mundum vivorum!”_ (spell to create Living Flame, from Buffy)

bq. _”if you take public transpo and have had the Stinky Crazy Man get on, and then suddently caught a whiff of a Woman Who Smells Lovely and drives away the darkness? She’d be wearing this.”_ “(from the bpal forums)”:http://www.bpal.org/index.php?s=edcff1eec0d8710cc90fa68db25d9333&showtopic=11996&view=findpost&p=202777

Another swap from Sarah. This is a floral in the vein of traditional perfume. It’s complex enough that I can’t pick out any notes. After several hours, it has faded off of the back of my wrists, but a faint sweet smell lingers in the crooks of my arms– it remindes me of Pink Moon.

It _is_ a lovely scent. Not the sort of thing you’d want to be assaulted with in volume, but very pretty if applied with an easy hand.