brain toast.

i’ve reached that point in the day when my brain has become as dry and brittle as toast, and it needs a bit of a rest.

so i will tell you about my day.

i got up early and went for a walk. i did not break my arm or see anything yucky. after my walk, i weighed myself and was happy to see that the number was a little smaller than i had feared.

in favor of getting to work early, i bought breakfast rather than made it. that was yummy.

work has been very stressful today. two high priority projects are simultaneously reaching a crescendo. my high-profile project that goes live on monday the 11th has issues that i realised must be solved. the problem with using cutting-edge tehchnology for the first time is that you don’t quite know what you’re going to find until you really start going with it.

at the same time, the project on which i am ui designer is in a bug testing phase, and unfortunately this time around the testing is not very organized. one of the people on the project keeps asking me why the UI does not do things that this person finds logical but which i usually find illogical. so, at the same time that i am having discussions about the somewhat thorny issues of image replacement techniques, i am trying to dismantle the suggestions that this person is making and getting her to realize that something she can envision != an actual use case.

after work, i am excited to be hanging out with my buddy p@, who is going to buy me dinner at federal in exchange for helping him figure out how to squander large amounts of cash on a new powerbook.

after dinner, i’m heading over to the station to oversee more testing of the BRSP. and somewhere in there, before testing begins, i need to fix something in the BRSP so it doesn’t hork completely for the testers tonight. i will probably bring my cell phone data connection rig so i can work on it, on my own laptop, while i’m up there.

happily, the woman who owns the garage was willing to wait to start the rental period until next weekend. the westy isn’t ready, i haven’t learned how to use my air compressor and sandblaster yet, and she doesn’t have a lease or a key ready for me. so that worked out pretty well.

this weekend i want to go see the new baldwin lofts, maybe go for another walk in the woods, and i desperately want to see “sin city.”:imdb:sin+city plus of course, work on the BRSP. oh, and finish fixing the westy’s gas pedal.

i am tired.