brevity is the soul of wit

* party good. a crowd of just the right size for the puppy, who enjoyed insane amounts of attention and really had a fine time.

* kitteh good. really good. so glad we’re down to vet visits only once a week. not having to be on an insulin schedule is very freeing, too.

* weekend with J good. we slacked off sunday, we haven’t had a day just alone together not doing anything in particular in weeks. eventually made it to bull mccabes, which is nice and quiet on a sunday evening.

* furnace won’t come on. gas company says i have gas service, and i went through the “reboot” procedure in the manual, so it’s time to call the professionals.

* fireplace is working great though. i got a roaring fire going, lit candles, put on warm clothes and drank hot tea. very cozy.

* so lazy this evening. things i should have done, things i _really_ should have done (leftover nbeast obligations), all blown off. le sigh. it was nice though.