buffy dream

i had my first buffy dream ever last night. i was reading “seven seasons of buffy”:http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/1932100083/ right before bed, so i guess that’s why.

i recall being in a bedroom with angel, buffy, xander, and anya. angel was actually, secretly, one of those alien lookalikes from x-files– you know, the kind with green blood that bubbles out and kills humans. i think buffy also had a secret evil identity– maybe she was a vampire. anya was taking xander to the airport. i went to find a friend to help with this. i am sure i was supposed to find giles, but instead found a young woman. she suggested we hold a seance. since there was only two of us, we had to hold hands across a huge table with candles, which was awkward.

i remember thinking that anya would be in danger because she didn’t know that angel was actually an alien.