newer and blue-er

we went to SC sunday and picked up my new blue bug from this guy:

Inky moves to NC

a few of you know him.

it’s a 2001 diesel bug with 100k miles, which is 70k less than spacepod. it’s also been meticulously cared for, because that’s how dan is.

right now there are three bugs in front of my house. it’ll be friday before the money for the convertible comes through.

admittedly, it’s not that exciting to drive another diesel bug. it’s cute, and it has a couple of luxuries that spacepod doesn’t, but mostly it’s inexpensive, reliable transportation.


just got the ‘vert back from the detailer. top looks a lot better but it’s far from showroom perfect– as the detailer predicted.

i think the high bidder isn’t going to want it– but i’m on tenterhooks waiting to find out.

after all the dragging on, i’ll be oh so excited to actually wrap up this sale.


seems like everything is moving so slowly.

i worked on the convertible roof tonight with two different things. first i tried “303 convertible top cleaner”: which seemed to knock it back a little (difficult to tell while it’s still wet) but i could tell there was still a stain there even after a lot of scrubbing.

then i tried my mr. clean magic sponge and that really seemed to have an effect. it didn’t get 100% of the stain but i’m pretty sure it made a noticeable dent. so it’s a matter of whether this buyer is okay with a 90% improvement or if that’s not going to be good enough.

i also took it to a detail shop today and they basically told me the same thing– they could probably make a big improvement but they can’t get it back to showroom perfect.


i myself seem to be moving particularly slowly today. it’s weird, it’s almost like being sick except that i have no other symptoms. i’m just really tired and not energetic.


i finally worked up enough enthusiasm to put lights on my xmas tree, although not ornaments. the lights are my favorite part, anyway.

i haven’t bought a single present and don’t even really know what i’m going to give most of the people on my list. guess i’ll work on that this weekend, if it’s not fully occupied with removing stains from the damn convertible roof. buy stock in the mr. clean corporation now, cause i might be buying a case of those awesome little suckers.


oh, and i procrastinated on renewing the allpods domain and now it’s dead. i’m in a weird limbo where i can’t tell if my renewal went through, my registrar hasn’t answered my support email, and the domain isn’t working… which means that comments on my blog aren’t working. i can’t find where in moveable type i defined allpods as the cgi url so i can’t change it to a working url. i’m not too worried about the domain being stolen because, you know, who’s going to want THAT domain? i’m just annoyed (at myself, mainly) at the down time.

Fast, topless blonde for sale!

2004 Volkswagen New Beetle Convertible

1.8L Turbo engine, 5-speed manual transmission

Cream body with tan top and light tan interior.


Fully loaded, 40k miles. 10k miles left on the bumper to bumper warranty which does transfer to the new owner. 40k service has already been performed. Tires only have 3k miles. This car has been extremely reliable and a joy to own.

All records, including original sticker.

This car is so fun, so pretty, and so quick! I hate to part with it. The Monsoon stereo sounds amazing and yes you CAN hear it just fine with the top down! Don’t let the adorable looks fool you– this car handles like it’s on tracks and really moves.

Volkwagen called this beautiful color ‘Harvest Moon’. This color combo hides dirt and stays nice and cool in the summer.

Electric top is extremely fast and easy to raise and lower. You can put it down or up at a stoplight– I have many times!

Extra rear wind blocker included– mounts behind the passengers to elminate mussed hair and makes for a very pleasant drive no matter how fast you go.

“See more photos.”:



Leather interior

Sport seats with adjustable lumbar support

In-dash cd player

Monsoon premium sound system

Air conditioning

Xenon headlights


Removable wind blocker ($250 dealer option)

Seat warmers

Chrome bud vase, chrome trim rings on reverse lights and foglights

17″ premium alloy wheels

Electronic Stabilization Program

Anti-lock power brakes

Anti-theft alarm system with Immobilizer

Front and side airbags

Automatic rollover supports

Cruise control

Power windows

Lockable storage – trunk, armrest, and glove box – so you can park with the top

down and keep items secure.

Travel along with spacegrrl and spacepod!

Starting Saturday, June 23rd, J and I will be driving to Indianapolis, Chicago, then along historic Route 66 to Roswell New Mexico, where we’ll attend the annual Roswell2k New Beetle convention. Along the way we’ll be picking up other bugs also traveling to Roswell.

I’ll be running a live web cam in the car during our travel times and at various times while we’re on site in Roswell. I’ll post travelogues and photos daily (internet access permitting).

Want to follow along? Visit All Pods Go To Roswell.

learning to love the link

so, the exasperating audio link and i have been getting along a little better today.

i don’t have to turn off the CAR to switch between the link and the cd changer; i just have to turn off the radio. that’s cool. that’s ok.

it is possible to use the ipod’s UI instead of the dension UI. what i’ve been doing is selecting the playlist and song i want before putting the ipod in the cradle, and the link just picks it up and starts playing.

not having to manage power cables for the ipod and an fm transmitter is a big bonus– the link taps into the car’s power system and charges the ipod.

a couple of trips to the big blue hardware store helped matters a great deal. heavy duty velcro and some industrial looking zinc and rubber clamps were key items. i can bolt the ipod cradle and xm radio receiver to the clamps and clip them to the grab bar in front of the passenger seat. looks pretty cool and they’re easily removable.

right now i’m waiting for the XM radio to pick up my new subscription. it plugs right into the link, too.

finally, i tried out the Tom Tom one GPS today. the device itself seems great, but the darn suction cup mount pops off the dash every five minutes! one more thing to work on.

anyway, tomorrow will be hectic– lots of errands, spacepod gets his new tats, laundry, getting the house tidied up and packing, lots of odds and ends.

not sure how present i’ll be on my blog/livejournal over the next week or so. i’ll post an entry with the url to my travel site for anyone who wants to follow along.