big head dream

last night i dreamed that i had a disproportionately large head as a child. i was horrified, but relieved that i had grown into my head over the years.

in other news, i went to the dentist yesterday and i was _so_ not in the mood to have my gag reflex and jaw-holding-open stamina tested, and once again my dentist begged me to get braces.

the waterproofing investigation is interesting. i cannot emphasize enough what a tremendous resource my neighborhood e-mail list is. within minutes of my posting, i’d gotten two horror stories about the waterproofing company that i’ve gotten a quote from already, and a lot of interesting stories about how others in my situation took care of their gutter drainage issues and that in turn solved their basement water problems, without hiring a waterproofing company. which is something i’d made an attempt at last year, an attempt that didn’t work well– but maybe this year i’ll have another, more serious go at it.

i was suddenly allergic to something last week. runny nose, weepy eyes at random intervals. it’s better now. whatever it is, it’s in my house. i put a pleated allergen filter in my heating system last night, and started drooling over “refurbished dyson vacuum cleaners.”:

so, for those keeping track, i am contemplating spending vast oodles of cash on many things, and have made decisions about none. these things include, but probably aren’t limited to: a car, a dry basement, a vacuum cleaner, wacky retro dinette chairs, and oh who knows, maybe a little kitchen renovation work.

as for the car, i’m currently torn between the practical (a diesel jetta wagon) and the fun (a new beetle convertible).

i’m leaning toward the convertible.

that was not nice

yesterday at work was very stressful. enough said.


i dreamed this morning that i had replaced my cozy 1946 cottage with a rambling, crumbling victorian. literally replaced the house, moved my perfectly good house away and put a 1930’s crap pile in its place.

i know it was a crap pile because part of the living room ceiling tore away as i was watching, leaving half the living room exposed to the uninsulated ceiling. my mother was with me. indicating the room above the living room, she said, “now, that’s not a room.” i considered remodeling such that the living room would have 20 foot ceilings. then, as i watched, terrified, the roof tore away, leaving a gaping, windy hole.

i went to the kitchen to find the phone number of the roofing company i used once to repair a leak on my cottage (oh, my cottage, why did i get rid of you?) my mom pulled a phone book from someplace odd, like the microwave, and i searched for the listing. the phone book made no sense. it did not seem to be in alphabetical or any other discernible order.

i gave up, and woke up, groggy and disoriented.


my show last night did not suck too badly, and it was one of the smoothest running shows i’ve had all year. the web cam and online request line appeared to be broken, but everything else was working pretty well. checking over the last ten days worth of online playlists, not a single one seems to have fallen victim to our old loss of session problems (immediately recognizable because the dj winds up with multiples of the same playlist). could it be that i actually managed to… fix it? golly.

nap #1: very strange

i am home today. my primary goal is to nap. I will not allow myself to contemplate secondary goals.

during the last part of nap #1, i experienced an extended period of dreaming while being or trying to be awake. i was definitely in sleep paralysis, yet trying to move, a feeling that i hate. first i was trying to get my glasses from my bedside table, but i could not see. i tried many things to trick myself into seeing, none of which worked.

then there was a spider in the room. then it was a GIANT SPIDER and moses was holding me in front of him as protection from the GIANT SPIDER, which is _not_ how it is supposed to work. the cat is supposed to protect me from all eight and six-legged things, giant or otherwise. living things with more than two pairs of legs are supposed to be his _specialty._ given that i was paralyzed with sleep, this was especially distressing.

then the most distressing thing of all happened– i heard a baby crying very close by, possibly in my room. i couldn’t move to pin down the location of the child.

then i woke up, starvinghungry. i am going to q-shack now.


i dreamed this morning that i was halfway into cleaning up the back bedroom when halloween party guests started arriving. i’m pretty sure i didn’t have any food or drinks ready, nor had i cleaned the rest of the house. i remember standing there saying, “the sad thing is that i have all these cool halloween decorations and i guess i’m not going to get to use them”.

standard lisa anxiety dream. i missed out on them for roswell this year so i guess i have to make up for that somehow.

but the thing that makes me really sad is that, in my dream, cleaning the back bedroom was so _easy._ it was happening almost magically. in reality, that’s not going to be the case.

funny, minty little dream

i had a funny dream that i went to visit minty so that we could go for a walk, and brought moses too. she was getting ready to take a nap when i came over, so she set me up with something to read in her living room. I wondered why I had come over without calling first. How rude of me! Teen Girl Squad and the Professor were not in effect. for some reason, i put moses in a police car that was floating in a lake with many other cars.

while minty was asleep, another woman came over and rang the doorbell. minty came down and answered the door and talked to the woman for a while.

i realized that i’d left moses in that police car for far too long, so i swam over to retrieve him and couldn’t find him! then i realized that a cop was carrying a tabby cat with white feet and belly.


i think the reason i dreamed about cars floating in water is because yesterday i saw some video footage of the tsunami coming into a village in indonesia. more on that later.

it was a very odd morning

woke up just before seven, fully awake. had a slow breakfast then around 9, felt all heavy and sleepy, so moses and i took a nap.

while i napped, i dreamed that i was on a vacation with my family. we were visiting my grandparents’ house in maryland, and this was at a time when grandpa was still alive, and grandma was mostly still there but kinda loopy. i had brought moses with me. we were packing up to leave for the next part of our trip, and i realized that i had not brought a litterbox for moses and didn’t know where he’d been doing his kitty business. so in the midst of the chaos of packing, and explaining this to my mother, i started searching around for his artifacts.

artifacts of one nature located, i started cleaning up the mess, then realised that one of his hindlegs was badly injured and he could barely get up on to the bed. so i didn’t know what to do… and thinking i should stay behind so i could take him to a vet, cursing the fact that i’d not driven my own car, and wondering how the hell there was no litterbox when the three master planners– me, mom, and grandma– particularly in matters of travel and pet and child care– were on the job. oh, and i wondered what posessed me to go on vacaion with my family for an _entire_ week.

and then i woke up, relieved that moses was sleeping happily next to me, not injured and quite healthy as far as i can tell.

i then checked the mail and there was not one but two BPAL packages, containing ultraviolet (which i am wearing now), black annis (smells intriguing), somnus, and a special bonus present of jabberwocky with the somnus. and a letter from dsw saying that my credit card was stolen from them.


maaaaaany strange dreams and awakenings at odd hours last night. the one this morning i still have some memories of; i found a late model, rust free vw beetle at a yard sale and paid cash for it on the spot. this segue’d into one of my travelling dreams (a very common theme in my dreams; i travel great distances, over all sorts of terrain, often covering entire cities). the end goal of my travels was to drive the beetle to… school. my old high school in raleigh. on my way in, i stopped at a clubhouse where my fellow students often stopped, to see if anyone i knew was there. at that point, the beetle, which i’d had trouble driving due to the seat not being adjusted properly, became a sort of rideable umbrella. like riding on a motorized pogo stick. as i entered raleigh, the sky turned cloudy, then dark as night, and i wished i’d driven spacepod. the difficulty with a rideable umbrella, see, is that you can’t ride it if you need to use it as an umbrella! i met a man as i was crossing a street, and told him i was going to school… “high school, actually!” he didn’t seem to think this was odd, though I certainly did. aren’t i a little old for high school? i was glad to see that the walk/don’t walk sign was also flashing the time and temperature, and that i had 20 more minutes to get to school.


i dreamed this morning that it was right before mom and wayne’s wedding, and i was thinking… ahhh, i can’t publish it because it’s kind of insulting to my family members. ask me if you want to know. it was funny to me in my dream.

i dreamed that my cousin megan was completely deaf and was excited to see me, two things that i think have absolutely no grounding in fact whatsoever.

night before last i was dreaming about my wet basement, then the dream turned to flooding, an oncoming flood, and i awoke thinking i should put a little puffy floatation vest on moses so he would float happily. oddly it wasn’t really a nightmare even though it woke me up. the vest would be cute.

the first rule of drama club is: don’t talk about drama club.

awoke to a truly strange dream this morning. i was part of a group of people who were acting out a drama as if it were our daily lives. my strongest memory from the dream was realizing that the drama was getting boring, and i’d need to do something to make it dramatic again. so, like the worst hack screenwriter, i decided to kill someone off. not literally; i just lied about them being dead. i pulled my old college friend nikos aside and said, “i need to talk to you… i wanted to tell you this first, before the others. someone has died.” i was making this up as i was going along so until the words came out of my mouth, i didn’t know who i was going to kill off. “it’s george.” george is one of nikos’ best friends from college. as i sat there watching nikos react to the news of his friend’s death, i realized what a cruel thing i had done to him. i leaned over and whispered in his ear, “it’s not true.” i could tell he understood but he continued to react. and the lie was perpetuated to other people, and i started to realize the ripple effect of my actions… that someone not involved with the drama, who cared about george, would hear this and be hurt by it. i needed to stop it but the lie was out of my control.

then there was some part about walking a long way down a street at night and finding my pager laying in the road.

sickness dreams

being sick = much sleeping

this morning dreamed that i bought two more old vw’s. an old bug, convertible i think, trashed exterior but i think it ran. i don’t remember much about that one.

the other one was a brown vanagon just like mine, except i determined that it probably wasn’t diesel. the engine compartment looked funny but i couldn’t really tell what was what. the paint was really nice on it and the engine cover was painted metal, not crappy trashed fiberglass like mine.

it ran, but the belts were really, really loose– so loose that had this been real life and not a dream, it would not have run, or at least the water pump wouldn’t have worked and driving it would have killed the engine eventually. my mom decided she wanted to drive it and i was having a hard time stopping her even though i knew i needed to keep her from driving it with those loose belts. the console– speedo and stuff– was off to the side and there was a sort of table in the very front. i was kind of worried about anyone driving it with that weird setup.


later i dreamed that i was at the cafe where _you cannot get what you want!_

let’s see. to begin with, i think i ordered potato chips, chocolate pie, and a diet pepsi. maybe something else.

first the woman working there said she wasn’t sure she could give me potato chips, with the lunch rush coming up– she might not have enough for later customers if she gave some to me now. somehow, the notion of french fries as a replacement for the potato chips came up. however, she discouraged me from getting the fries, “because they’re _kind of greasy.”_ i finally convinced her to give me some fries, but she only gave me a very few. i mean, i like fries all kinds of ways, i don’t care if they’re greasy.

then i kind of stood there for a while, waiting for her to take action on the rest of my order. she ignored me.

so i asked for the diet pepsi again. she seemed annoyed. she walked into a back room and brought me a soda but it wasn’t diet and it wasn’t pepsi. so i got her attention again with some difficulty and asked for a diet pepsi again. she looked _completely_ annoyed with me. i looked down and realized it was a pepsi. then, after she’d started to walk into the back room again, i realized it was diet. i tried to stop her but didn’t succeed.

i woke up.


i was so out of it when i went out this afternoon to get kleenex and movies that it was kind of like a dream, too. right now i’m watching ’50 first dates’ and drew barrymore is driving around in a bright yellow vw thing with a big hibiscus flower painted on the side. it is SO making me want a thing, or possibly a convertible old bug or ghia. but mostly, a thing.