Effective methods: indoor s’mores in the summer

With heat indexes well over 100 all weekend, building a fire in the fireplace was right out of the question.

We didn’t really want to go outside, either. Even at night.

We wanted s’mores, though, and although I am sure we’re not the first to hit upon this, it was a novel idea to both of us: roast the marshmallows over candles.

candle s'mores!

Fondue forks make an excellent way to hold the marshmallows over the flame. They don’t get quite as hot all the way through as they do over a big fire, but this method is fairly effective. And delicious!

Effective Methods: Steak.

I’ve decided to start a new blog series called “Effective Methods”. As many of you know, my husband is an engineer. Engineers are, I think, more born than made; they carry an engineering approach into everything they do. In J’s case that means that many of our household processes are carefully engineered. I’d like to share some of those here.

The name “effective methods” comes from a conversation we had with “Stephanie”:http://stephsk8r.blogspot.com and “Steph”:http://www.commonplacebook.com/ while traveling to Roswell one year in which one of us said about J, “his methods are effective.” I remember the conversation being funny, but I can’t remember any of the context. Anyway, the phrase stuck, and seems appropriate. His methods _are_ effective.

Today’s installment is about steak. If you’re a vegetarian or squeamish about meat, my suggestion is that you skip this one.

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