no news is good

i’m on a sort of news break at the moment. i got my satellite radio all hooked up again yesterday and as a result didn’t listen to NPR during my commute. realized that i like taking news breaks sometimes and they do a lot for my mental outlook. cause you know, the news is pretty much all bad all the time.

many years ago i happened to catch a few episodes of dr. andrew weil’s “six weeks to optimum health” and for one of the weeks a news break was the goal. “if something big happens, you’ll hear about it,” i remember him saying. i still think it’s pretty solid advice.

in other, um, news i’ve started photographing my outfits after work every day because you know what? mirrors lie! i am kind of horrified, and after today feeling a little demoralized. tomorrow i plan to break out my favorite – and what i think is my best looking – cold weather ensemble. we’ll see how it stacks up.

no plans to submit said photos to “wardrobe remix”: at this time. they’re pretty much for me and me alone to be horrified by. still fascinated by fashion blogs (or, in the parlance of the community, personal style blogs).

i don’t like the clothes

i am finding myself a few sizes smaller than i was last summer, and the summer before that as well i guess. i didn’t plan to arrive here, but here i am, and i need clothes that fit. being good about cleaning out my clutter, i got rid of most of the clothes i had when i was this size in the past.

so i’ve been shopping, a little, mostly for tops. but i don’t like the clothes in stores right now. it’s a very odd experience! the tops all seem to be odd shapes that make no visual sense to me.

maybe fall will be more fun.

Fluevog Lady Grey

le sigh.

lady grey

i really, really love these. the second they showed up on the fluevog web site i was gasping over them.

they’re on sale now, but like everyone else, i sort of feel like i should sit on whatever money i have instead of spending it on stuff i don’t really need. and oh, there’s that wedding to save up for.

i also know all too well that too high and tiny of a heel means i won’t really wear them much.

but oh, man… i do like em.


Shortly after I became engaged, the Fluevog Wedding Programme was discontinued.

I emailed them tonight to confirm, because it just disappeared off the web site. Indeed– it is no longer.

Since I don’t think I want to wear a traditional bridal color anyway, that’s probably just as well… it just… kinda smarts.

nice work, what not to wear

this week’s participant looks to be about a size 18-ish. the few women they’ve had on the show in this size range have usually been very frustrated on shopping day one because they send them to stores that don’t have their size, then they go to lane bryant on shopping day two.

this time they’ve sent her places where they actually carry her size, so she’s not set up for failure. day one she went to Loehmann’s, and day two she went to Lee Lee’s Valise.


“this auction for a pair of grand nationals”: will go up to $600 at the very last minute in an insane snipe war.

it’s really disconcerting that there are zero bids on a very nice looking pair of GN boots with only an hour and a half to go on the auction.

Boobius Maximus

With permission from B. Maximus herself, I am pleased to link to “Boobius Maximus”:

bq. “Welcome to Boobius Maximus– a page for all the ladies (and gents?) who rock large boobs. The reviews, links, and advice herein are intended to make it easier for you to find and buy large cup-sized bras (DD to K roughly) in standard and small band sizes (28 to 38). There will, however, also be some resources for band sizes 40 and above. These pages are written from the perspective of someone with natural (i.e. not surgically-enhanced) boobs, so the information on this site will be most helpful to others who also have OEM bewbies.”