yesterday was highly productive; we visited the raleigh farmer’s market and got many herb plants plus tomatoes and peppers; afterward we planted the herbs in buried pots (so we can bring them in once the weather gets cold) and jason tilled a bed i’ve been dumping brown and green matter on for years but have never used. the soil was deep, rich blackish-brown and amazing. it doesn’t get full sun so we’ll see if the soil quality makes up for it. that’s where the tomatoes and peppers went.

this took us up until 8pm, of course. we scrapped plans to roast a chicken at that point and got takeout.

a meeting of the landscaping committee

yesterday i pruned.

Bare house front

I also pruned today.

The pile

There’s still more to be done.

Also, yesterday I saw *Sweeney Todd,* which was good, although not destined to become my favorite Tim Burton movie. Quite gross; I closed my eyes through certain bits. After the first time, I didn’t need to see him do THAT, AGAIN. If you see the movie, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Conversation after the movie inspired me to watch *A Room With A View* tonight for the ninety-million-ith time. Both to see Helena Bonham Carter at the opposite end of her career and because it’s one of my all-time favorite films.

The house is in a shambles now, but there you go. Sometimes, the landscaping committee (of one) has to meet at the expense of the housekeeping staff (of one).

marjoram honey and other idyllic thoughts

“photos of a lovely day in june”:

observed while watering new plants: honey bee unable to tear itself away from the tiny white blossoms on my gigantic marjoram plant.

a pair of robins. i’ve been seeing them around, you know? i think they’re living in my yard this summer. the female is very bold. well, i guess it’s the female. she has a rusty breast, not bright red.

a white butterfly.


feline locomotion study:

the very high bed

click through for notes.

Farmer girl, Part 2

I went to the farmer’s market in Raleigh today and bought quite a few plants. Since I’m starting my garden late (although is there really such a thing as late when talking about a cycle?) I decided that I should have a fairly large proportion of ready-to-go plants and rely less on seeds.

I got all plants and seeds in the ground, and set up a soaker hose left by a previous homeowner. The soaker hose is an experiment (actually, the whole garden is an experiment) and we’ll see how well it works. I need to learn how low to keep the water flow, so the water kind of seeps out and doesn’t shoot out and wash away the soil.

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farmer girl



I worked on the raised bed today, and it’s all ready for planting. details can be found by following the “after” photo to flickr and clicking through the day’s photos.

i think i want to grow herbs mostly. i may relent and put up a single bamboo teepee for a tomato and some string beans, maybe a little lettuce underneath (i have heard that salad greens don’t like to be pounded by the sun too much, but i will have to check on that).

just think of it though… big piles of parsley, cilantro, and basil and the resulting masses of salsa and pesto and salad rolls. mmm yeah. twelve different kinds of mint mean twelve different kinds of mojitos and mint juleps. and catnip toys for days.

morning good

what i want to do: keep sitting on the sofa, all leisurely, while the cat scoots in and out of the screened porch.

what i must (and will do): put the computer away. take a shower. hurry on to work in time for the 10:15 meeting.


last night i did yard work until moseman’s various caretakers came over to learn how to pill him.

in the yard, i started scalping the parts that are completely not grass, and occupied by a weed that i consider to be very obnoxious and unpleasant. d. pointed out that weeds are a social convention, and i agree, i really do– but some weeds really bother me. the kind that are covered in that sticky sap? i hate those. and there’s one other one that was really starting to take over in the back. i hate that one too. but now it’s mostly gone.

the cool thing about scalping with the weed whacker is that it’s a self-mulching process. most of the ground is now covered in a finely chopped layer of dead vegetation.

i also started cleaning the crap off the screened porch to make way for the lovely new furniture, some of which is already there, and some of which i have yet to actually obtain, but i will soon. Things are Under Way.

i applied roundup to the raised bed a couple of weeks ago and things are mostly dead back there. a session or two with the weed whacker and it’ll be nice and clean. still not sure exactly how i’ll proceed with it, and i may have to devote next weekend to the _front_ of the house, in preparation for the Tour, but chances are decent that i’ll still do something useful with it.

oh, all right. i’ll get up now.