The WordPress stuff has moooooved

It has come to my attention that at least one reader had this feed in their feed reader. So I am posting this in case there’s others. I apologize; my referrers all look like people are coming from Twitter, so I didn’t think I’d lose anyone by moving to a different URL – which I have.

I’ve moved the posts about WordPress and related stuff to: All new writing will be found there now, so please change the URL in your feed reader.

And thanks for reading. You’re the few and possibly the proud. When my readership reaches the dizzying double digits, you can say you read me when.

fun at work

i have an unusual project at work right now – shooting video tutorials. the boring tutorial part is being dressed up with some distracting, creative stuff to suck people in. it’s immensely fun. and i get to use video editing software and really make good use of the Mac i have at work. i can’t imagine tackling this project with a windows box. i’m sure it can be done, but i wouldn’t know how to do it, and i wouldn’t already have all the software i need.

once upon a time i wanted to be a filmmaker. that didn’t happen, but i wonder now if i missed becoming a film editor. i don’t really have a strong enough eye to be a good cinematographer or even director, but i’m pretty detail oriented and i generally find editing to be quite enjoyable. it’s the same combination of creative and technical that i find satisfying in web work. who knows?

welcome to the modern age.

after many years of waiting and much debate over technical merits and philosophical problems with the various vendors, J and i are now owners of those modern day marvels, “smart phones”.

indeed yes, they are iphones.

theoretically they are on trial in our household; we have thirty days to return them for a full refund and cancellation of contract. however, after only a day i am already in love with mine and things would have to take quite a downturn for me to return the thing.

here are the two experiences that really turned my head…

1) shooting a video and editing it on the phone. eleven years ago i did this the old fashioned way, with a big camera, tapes, and a copy of final cut “borrowed” from a filmmaker friend. i scored web streaming hosting for free via other friends. the thought of accomplishing all of this so casually on a little slab of glass that i carry in my pocket makes my mind melt.

2) walking the dog in a new neighborhood. we routinely scout neighborhoods where we might like to live. i used the maps and directions function to navigate to the neighborhood, then we planned our route through the neighborhood using the map. since i’m incredibly directionally challenged while on foot, i appreciated having a map with my current location right in my pocket. it was so bloody hot, i really didn’t want to miss a turn while on foot and get lost. the real killer was that as we were walking i was able to bring up the online listings for houses we saw that were on the market.

there’s also been lots of fun and “goofiness”: with the video calling, camera and being able to check things on the internet wherever we are.

iPad thoughts

for me: i think if grabbing magazines were like grabbing songs off of iTunes, i’d be pretty into that. one of the things i hate about magazines now is that i’m left with this physical artifact laying around my house that i do. not. want. and have to dispose of.

for others: i’ve been pondering whether my mom would enjoy an iPad. right now she uses a windows desktop. she’s definitely into communicating online with friends and family so maybe doing that from the screen porch would be more fun than being up in a little room in the house? OTOH, maybe she doesn’t want the internet to intrude into the living areas. i can see her feeling that way.

if it were five years ago i’d be trying to think of a way to run a mobile web cam off the thing. but not so much these days.

Ada Lovelace Day

“Pledge to blog about a woman in technology on March 24th.”:

bq. “Ada Lovelace Day is an international day of blogging to draw attention to women excelling in technology. Women’s contributions often go unacknowledged, their innovations seldom mentioned, their faces rarely recognised.”


it was time. really time. it seemed like i’d been waiting for apple to update their macbook line all year. the dead computers were piling up around my house and the sole working computer had a history of hard drive problems. oh, it was time.

i went to the durham store; they’d sold out during the time since i’d called. i went home and called the raleigh store. “we’ve got plenty!” the dude said. i hoped that was true.

i trekked out to raleigh. the store is exasperating. there’s no clear cash register. everyone in a blue, turquoise or orange shirt seemed to find me invisible. i stood near someone who was buying a powerbook in the hopes that his sales dood would help me next. that didn’t happen.

i finally realized that part of the genius bar is a cash register. huh? okay. the orange shirt at the register told me he’d get me someone to help.

finally, turquoise shirt arrived. i know exactly what i want, i said. i rattled it off, the exact specs.

“now let’s find out what you’re going to be doing with this computer to make sure you’re getting the right one.” helpful to most people; oh so frustrating to me. “no, no, no, no! we don’t need to do this. just SELL ME THE COMPUTER.” yes, i actually said that to the poor guy.

“okay. is this your first apple product?”

“not. even. remotely.”

“okay, so you already know about our genius bar and everything?”


he was okay though, or at least i thought he was when he came back with a couple of boxes. we had a nice little conversation. he tried to get me to crack it open in the store so he could show me stuff, but i wanted out of there.

i called J from the parking lot. he’s a little jealous.


oh, and i got a terabyte time capsule, too. my track record on backups is dismal so perhaps this will improve things.

another ending

not nearly as traumatic, but it gave me a start. the first web site i ever did,, has finally been replaced.

i neglected to take screenshots of the old site before it was replaced, but i trust that the internet wayback machine will store it for all time.

it gave me rather a start to read the mail, “the new web site is live!”.

geek alert

there’s a job open in my department– what we call webmaster– the unix geeks who run the web servers.

alert all geeks. it’s _very_ rare that a webmaster job comes open. if you know a unix sysadmin type who is looking for a job and wants to work on the web, have them search for Systems Programmer on the job listings of my company… if you don’t know what company i work for, post a comment and i’ll mail you back.

Mac Cube G4 for sale


Mac Cube G4 500mhz PowerPC

40GB / 1GB

Mac Cube G4

cd-rom drive does not work.

hard drive has mechanical problems. disk warrior repaired it to the extent possible and it will boot now, but cannot really be used and needs to be replaced.

comes with matching keyboard, single-button optical mouse, spherical Hardon Karmann clear lucite speakers, and 15″ LCD monitor.

$200 OBO

NOTE: Metal Devil Duckie NOT included.

Vintage shortwave radio – TAKEN

-I’m giving away- this shortwave radio has been taken:


The last time I tried it (10 years ago), it powered up but only made a clicking sound. The person who gave it to me told me that it probably needed to have a vacuum tube replaced.

The cord is in excellent condition. That’s about all I know about it.