the charming english cottage o’ you-know-what

What: The Charming English Cottage O’ Death! (er, it’s a party)

When: Saturday, October 27th, 8pm until it winds down

Where: at the charming english cottage o’ death, of course

Where?: e-mail spacepod at gmail dot come if you need directions.


i had serious thoughts this morning of not having a party this year, but i think i do that every year. i may have to coat the clutter in fake cobwebs, but you know, whatever. it’s SCARY clutter! right, that’s it!

costumes always appreciated, never required. i always lay on lots of food and booze, or BYO if you want something in particular.


HIS is old Hollantide night;

The moon shines bright;

Cock of the hens ;

Supper of the heifer;

Which heifer shall we kill ?

The little speckled heifer.

The fore-quarter,

We’ll put in the pot for you.

The little hind quarter,

Give to us, give to us.

I tasted the broth,

I scalded my tongue,

I ran to the well,

And drank my fill;

On my way back,

I met a witch cat;

The cat began to grin,

And I ran away.

Where did you run to?

I ran to Scotland.

What were they doing there?

Baking bannocks and roasting collops..

If you are going to give us anything, give it us soon,

Or we’ll be away by the light of the moon.

Hop-tu-naa, Trol-la-laa.

it’s better than that lame party we went to the one year i didn’t throw a party

this is really the reason i throw a halloween party every year. because one year i didn’t, and sarah and georg and i went to that guy’s lame party, and years later we’re still cracking up over how totally and completely lame that party was.

the stark overhead lighting, the way all food items had been embargoed to the chairless dining room, the squat woman who berated me for being insufficiently costumed, even the preposterous invitation which required one to click through twenty pointless screens before revealing the date and time of the party… yeah.

even if my party is me, georg and sarah sitting around my kitchen playing with eyeball wind-up toys and eating gingerbread, it’s a better party than that one.

besides, i’ve got all these eyeballs and stuff…

sarah came over tonight and helped me decorate which was pretty awesome, because having an enthusiastic helper makes it way more fun, and i’m much more likely to actually use the majority of my stuff.

it was also rather amusing to see how she was both horrified by yet compelled to inspect certain items, like the squishy eyeballs, and the zombie candle hand thing. you know, where you burn each of the fingers and they drip red wax like blood and there’s a fake skeleton underneath?

that was a good one.



today i went to the farmer’s market to buy pumpkins, the most hideous gourds i could find, and this year, mums.

i actually tried to leave without visiting the seafood restaurant, but caved at the last moment. it’s “calabash style”, which means that if it’s not slaw, it’s fried. and probably someone somewhere has figured out how to fry slaw, too.

god, it was good. and it’s part of my yearly fall ritual.

this is perhaps the most ritualized time of year, for me. there are certain movies i like to watch, foods i like to eat, things i like to do.

parties i like to throw.

i like it.

tonight’s movie: hocus pocus. no, really…

perish of fits! perish of fits!

i’ve been neglecting the halloween content this month, sadly, so many thanks to the “house of dioxin”: for the link to gashlycrumb tinies quiz. i am happy to report that my result was one of my top two favorite tinies, “perish of fits”. the other one being “died of ennui”.

What horrible Edward Gorey Death will you die?

You will perish of fits. Repeat this to yourself: “Things can work out even if I don’t get my way. Things can work out even….”
Take this quiz!

Can’t get enough Gorey? Check out the “Fantod”: for another ghastly prediction about your fate. This was a little mini-site that I found years ago. The original owner abandoned it and left it in a less than usable state; i nabbed the images and reconstructed it with corrections to make it usable. In other words, not my original work, but the person who did come up with it stole the images from gorey, anyway. guilt all around.