little paw series notes

i have now published all that i have written already in the little paw series. as many of you have no doubt surmised, these are stories from my cat moses’ life, told from what i imagine might be his perspective. all of the stories are of things that actually happened.

as i remember more interesting stories, i will probably write more. maybe one day i will seek a publisher for this material. perhaps it could be a children’s book.

the installment that folks commented they found scary and suspensful, i unfortunately don’t have anything more to say about. we went walking in the woods one day and then suddenly, the woods ended and we were on some land that had been clear-cut. my landlady told me that her neighbor had had the land cleared to sell the wood on it. it was really a shame, and kind of a freakish experience for me.

the one thing i wish i could get across in this series that i really cannot is what a wonderful, sweet cat franny was. most of you never knew her. everyone who met her fell totally in love with her.

little paw and the very cold night

it began to get colder each day.

one night it was very cold. very, very cold. little paw could see mist in the air near the girl’s face. she slept with her body buried in many thick things.

little paw put his nose under the thick things.

then he put his head under.

it was warm!

he put his whole body under the thick things. it was warm and good. the girl lay curled on her side. he found a small space against her belly that was the warmest place. he curled and tucked himself into the warm space and purred and slept. his mommy fell asleep on top of them, outside of the warm, thick things.

little paw walks in the woods

one day, little paw, the girl and his mommy were walking in the woods.

then they were walking in a field.

suddenly, the girl snached little paw off the ground. when he looked down, he could see a black thing coiling in the dead wheat of the field. little paw struggled to get down. when the black thing was behind them the girl let him slip from her arms.

they walked and walked. through the field and through the woods.

then suddenly there were no more woods. little paw and his mommy clambered over broken bits of tree root and mud. the girl stopped and said something slowly. they stumbled onward a little ways and then turned back.

on their way back, little paw’s mommy stopped and tried to pee, but she didn’t pee.

little paw climbs a tree.

one day, when he was bigger, and alone in the woods near his house, little paw climbed a tree.

he stayed in the tree for a long time.

he felt very safe there.

it got dark.

he could hear the girl calling the name she had given him. “moses, moses!” she called.

he was not very happy in the tree any longer, but did not know how to get down. he wanted to be in the warm house with the girl and his mommy and have his dinner. he started to cry.

the girl and his mommy found him and talked to him from the ground. he wanted to get down but didn’t know how, so he just cried.

the girl and his mommy left.

they came back in the morning. now little paw was desperate to get down but he still did not know how.

he started to climb down, and then he fell. he fell through the branches, hitting some of them. he landed on his feet.

the girl was upset but little paw was happy to be down from the tree. he ran home and the girl gave him the good food and hugged him fiercely.

that night little paw pushed his mommy out of the way and slept very close to the girl in the snug, warm bed.

little paw gets a name.

one day the girl opened the door of the house and let little paw and his mommy walk out on the grass.

the grass was high and little paw stumbled along in his baby way. he and his mommy were careful to sniff everything and move very slowly through the grass.

suddenly a scary monster came into the grass! it was larger than little paw, his mommy, and the girl all put together. two boys got out of the monster.

the girl said to the boys, “This is moses and franny.”

little paw and his mommy go to live in the woods.

one day a strange girl visited the house where little paw and his mommy lived.

little paw was shy and climbed behind the sofa.

another day the strange girl came back and put little paw and his mommy into a box. he didn’t like being in the box and tried to get out. a lot.

she took the box outside. it all smelled very strange. little paw panicked. he tried to get out of the box even more than he had before. the strange girl forced him back into the box.

little paw could feel himself moving although he was not running. he became so scared that he tried to hide inside the box and not move or call attention to himself. his mommy did the same thing.

then the moving stopped and they were in a strange smelling place. little paw could smell many other animals, animals that he had never smelled before.

finally the girl let little paw and his mommy out of the box. they were in a house made entirely of wood. little paw and his mommy spent many hours carefully smelling the entire house. the strange girl gave them food which was very good.

then it was night and she carried them upstairs. she said, “twoooo kitties!” she sounded like an owl hooting. they all slept together in the small place upstairs on a soft bed.

little paw started to feel ok about this new place that had good food and many interesting things to smell. when it was dawn, he was excited to smell everything all over again, so he woke everyone else up.

little paw is born.

little paw was born on a cliff. he was the runt of the litter.

one day, his mother, who was very young, pushed all of his brothers and sisters off of the cliff and they died.

for some reason she did not kill little paw, too. maybe she couldn’t find him because he was so small.

he fed on her milk and grew very large.