Thank you to everyone.

I want to thank everyone who has let me know that they were sorry to hear of Moses’ passing and that they are thinking of us. I really appreciate it.

I am okay. This weekend was pretty bad, and I’m glad I was with J. Coming home without Mo was very sad, and I still expect to see him every time I walk into the living room. It’s strange to be at work at the end of the day and not need to get home for any particular reason.

Mostly it’s okay though. I know he was ready to go.

Moses “Brown” Linn, 6/28/91 – 10/4/08

moses3.gif Moses died this morning in Newport News, Va. Jason and I were with him when he died.

He was the most extraordinary cat I’ve ever known. We were together for seventeen years… probably almost to the day. When he and his mother Franny came to live with me, he was so young that he was still nursing.

He loved hunting small furry creatures, wresting with shoes, being chased, making the bed, being scratched under the chin, talking, and cheese.

I miss him.

the mo report

so the report today is that his kidney values have gotten a little worse, and that’s why he’s been acting weird for the last week. but they’re not so much worse that we need to do anything different, just be on the lookout for more loss of appetite.

he actually hasn’t lost any weight, and at the moment he’s sitting next to me enjoying a meal of stinky wet food and “meat water” (e.g., broth).

my vet gave me a pep talk about how with moses, we never know, he never does what’s normal so maybe he will even get better again. well, i kind of doubt that but it is fun to have the cat that beats all the expectations and spits in the face of dire predictions and stuff.

in happier news, the woman who manages the office at the vet (who i really like a lot), brought her baby in to work today so everyone was having fun playing with the baby.

the cat on the (yoga) mat

it’s been a difficult few days with the mo. i don’t think it’s the end yet, he’s still too into food for that to be the case. but something’s not right.

around friday or saturday he stopped walking altogether and could not even stand up with help from me. everything else was still pretty normal so my thinking right now is that it may be due to an injury. possibly due to low blood sugar. he’s making some attempts this evening to stand up, but his feet keep slipping, so i’ve put him on my yoga mat. for those of you who have never used one, they are kind of sticky and help keep your bare feet from sliding.

the weirder problem is with food. he won’t eat unless i literally put food under his face– and then he eats hungrily. he can be just a few inches away from his food and water and will not even scoot over to eat it. i can rattle the dry food in the bowl and show it to him and he acts all excited, but won’t move toward it. it’s really frustrating.

it could simply be an appetite issue but he seems to eat a normal amount so i’m not sure about that.

anyway… we go in for a checkup wednesday so we’ll see then. maybe his kidneys have finally gotten worse. maybe his diabetes is getting better. maybe he’s just senile.

yes, i have to go to a cat birthday party

i’ll admit, i didn’t think of the position i’d be putting people in, if they needed to explain where they were going.

tonight i invited over a few of moses’ most ardent local fans (aka, people who help me take care of him and will listen to me prattle on about him ad nauseum). (although i have to say that the person who is willing to listen to me the most is J, plus it should be mentioned that he also helps me with moses a lot. for instance, he played a key role in the one and only bath moses has ever recieved.)

anyway, i called it moses’ birthday party because you know, he’s seventeen today. but mostly i wanted to hang out and feed my friends some nice drinks and snacks and stuff. we also listened to records– you know, real actual vinyl records– which was fun. i played that sugarcubes record with the birthday song, and we talked about how the first elvis costello album was rumored to be backed by guys who played with huey lewis (which georg later confirmed to be true).

i attempted to make mojitoes and failed, as usual. i swear i will one day make a decent mojito. this is going to mean figuring out how to really get mint to grow and thrive in my garden. if mojitoes were made with sage, rosemary or garlic chives i’d be set. oh, or marjoram. find me a mixed drink made with marjoram and i can set you up. i suppose it would also help if i would bother to squeeze fresh limes.

we drank them anyway, though. they weren’t too bad, they just weren’t really mojitoes.

moses go to eat so much chicken that he threw up. IT WAS GREAT. i kind of forgot to give it to him gradually. i put a little plate down in front of him, looked away for a moment and 3/4 of it was gone. then soon it was all gone. and then a little came back. then it was a matter of seeing how many barf jokes we could work into the evening.


he walks!

so, of course as soon as i blog that i’m worried about mo, he starts getting up and walking across the house and whatever.

in unrelated news, the advantage to having a couple of 102/103 degree days in early june is that when it cools off to 87 and 90, you’ve acclimated and that feels okay.

I’m also selling three lovely pairs of shoes “on ebay.”:

pink toes

i’ve been feeling kind of demoralized by the state of the mo the last few days. he doesn’t get up and walk on his own, ever, and when i get him up he’ll only go a short distance, maybe eat for a couple of minutes, then lay down again. it’s almost definitely the anemia, but today i started to wonder if he might just be giving up.

tonight though i realized his little toes are pink. not deep pink like i like to see, but definitely not all pale like they have been lately. they are pink and warm.

could be a fluke, but i feel a little more hopeful. hang in there little dewd. only nineteen days til you turn seventeen.

all mo, all the time

so, a little moses update. we went to the vet today. mo is doing okay. we’re still in the valley of anemia but not getting any deeper. this seems to be making him very tired, which in turn makes him not want to get up and go get food and water. while i was gone over the weekend, my pet sitter didn’t realize that he was eating and drinking abnormally low amounts and that she needed to bring the food and water to him to help him. this was just a SNAFU and no one’s fault really. when i got home late sunday i could see that he was dehydrated and when i brought him his food, he ate hungrily. he was due for fluids and that pretty much took care of the dehydration right away. since then i’ve been bringing him his food and water if he won’t go to it, and he’s eating just fine.

monday evening i also decided to re-start the oral potassium just to see if it would help. i have seen in the past that it makes him stronger when he stands up and walks. i think it has helped and dr. c is okay with continuing that.

sadly, i think moses was the healthiest patient dr. c saw this morning. i guess if you log enough hours in a vet’s waiting room, you’re going to see stuff you’d rather not, and i have certainly logged more than my fair share of hours there. oh well. it’s the circle of life, i guess. my sturdy little man is still hanging in there anyway, and i am starting to really be hopeful he’s going to make it to his 17th birthday at the end of this month. only 24 days to go.