the dangers of google

okay, so i googled moses’ symptoms last night and jumped to the conclusion that his liver was failing. my vet gently told me this morning that we aren’t seeing enough evidence to support that conclusion, or even test for it.


i mean, it _could_ be the beginning of something bad, but probably not.

aw, come ON

i was getting into the groove of my ten days straight without travel, family obligations, excessive stress, etc. then tonight after work i spotted some litterbox weirdness that has me completely freaked out that moses’ liver is failing.

here’s hoping it turns out to be a big fat nothing. he’s going in tomorrow morning for a glucose check anyway so i’ll find out the score quick enough.

let it be nothing. let us have our week and a half of peace before we hit the road again.


*cat bodily functions below; skip if you don’t want your day to begin similar to how mine began.*

this morning i was awakened by the sound of moses throwing up in the kitchen. i knew it was the kitchen by the big, echoey sound he was making. _great._

i walk into the kitchen and there’s a trail of cat poop spread across the floor.

i reach for him– he’s in a corner over by his food– and step in a vast puddle of pee that i didn’t notice.

apparently he lost his mind during the night– i always set up the back bedroom with a bed, food and water. the reason he was throwing up was because he was hungry; that’s why i always leave him food during the night.

i go to grab the food from the back bedroom and everything is untouched. water bowl still full, food not pushed around, bed not peed on or slept in. wtf?

i give him the food and he starts throwing it down on the pee covered floor to eat it. a lot of cats do this, they take dry food out of their bowl, throw it on the floor and then eat it.

so i pick him up to move him and realize his flank is soaking wet, which means he laid down in the pee puddle on the tile floor, perhaps waiting for food to magically arrive.

allow me to assure you, _this is a delightful way to start the morning._

tonight we’ll begin re-training on Where Moses Spends The Night. apparently “we” need a refresher. by “we” i mean MY CAT.

here we go again

moses has diabetes again. we did a full panel yesterday and his glucose was 600 which is quite high.

i had a feeling that might wind up being the case. my guts tell me it’s because we switched him off of m/d (the diabetic food) for k/d (kidney disease food). after we switched him he started to gain weight again and now he needs insulin again.

i asked dr. c if he wanted to put him back on m/d and he said no. but i think i’m going to bring it up again in two weeks when we re-check.

in the good news department, the anemia situation seems to be stable and his kidney values have actually not gotten worse, which was a pleasant surprise. i really thought we’d see downward progress in the kidney disease.

we’ve passed eight months now since was first diagnosed with CRF. if nothing else, that’s pretty amazing.

A slight correction; cleaning out

We’re well into the territory of interesting to NO ONE but me, but I found another vet invoice today from moses’ early years that lists his birth date as June 28, 1991, which is probably his for-real actual day of birth.

This was in the process of cleaning out my basement. Today I attacked the stuff that has, historically, bothered me the most– boxes that i packed at my old apartment, moved to this house eight years ago, shoved in the basement and never unpacked. they’ve been sitting right in the flood zone so i knew it would be an ugly job.

Most of it’s in the trash now– it wasn’t worth keeping anyway, even if it had not been ruined– but i deemed a surprising amount of stuff salvageable and worth salvaging. most of that will need to go to goodwill. Besides moses’ actual birth date, I think the best thing I found was a Fluevog catalog in decent condition that has my favorite Lift Offs as the centerfold.

each box was like a time capsule (of crap) from different points in my life. it was mildly interesting to see that stuff but man, i really used to have a problem discerning what was worth keeping and what wasn’t.

tomorrow i’m going to attack the section that is stuff i set aside for goodwill, shoved in the basement before a party, and is probably mostly trash now.

Moses is 16 – I can prove it!

Okay, so no one cares about this except me, but I find it somehow reassuring to have definitive proof of Moses’ age.

While working on my filing tonight I found a vet invoice from November 2, 1991 that describes “Male, Tabby, 4 months”. That puts Moses’ birth date at around July 2, 1991, and his age is definitely 16.

cat music

mo went in for a checkup today. all is well. dr. c wants to start him on the prescription food for kidney disease. until now he’s been on the stuff for diabetes. i gave him some k/d tonight and he seemed to love it, but now his guts are making all kinds of gurgling sounds. he seems happy enough, but i wonder if it’s disagreeing with him.

saturday will be six months from when he was diagnosed with CRF. a sturdy cat, indeed. i think i am going to buy him some nice organic chicken and cook it up for him. i think he’ll really enjoy that. happy six months, little dude!

Full of it

Lately I’ve been putting Mo to bed at night in the back bedroom. He’s got a nice bed in front of the heat vent, his food and water, and of course the litter box. I put the pet gate up in the doorway so he’s stuck back there. This way, I don’t have to listen to him come into my bedroom every night as I’m drifting off, or every morning just before my alarm, and piss on his bedding.

This has all worked great for a while now, but this morning at 7:15 (over an hour before I planned to get up) he starts caterwaulin’. It’s unbelievable how much his voice has changed as he’s gotten older; he really does sound like a crazy tomcat now. I swear, a year ago he was all, “mew, mew!” Now it’s like, “MIAUOW. MIAUOW.”

Well, he really got going, and clearly wasn’t going to let me go back to sleep, so I got up. It turns out that he’d pooped neatly in the center of his bed. Pee he is, unfortunately, willing to sleep in. Happily, not so much with the poo.

I gave him a big speech about how _maybe_ he shouldn’t use his bed as a litter box, cleaned it off and told him to eat his breakfast. So now I’m awake (and feel horrible), and he seems pretty content.

Tomorrow marks five months to the day since he was diagnosed with CRF. Go Moses!

a good sturdy cat & other updates

a good checkup today. PCV is up near normal again at 34% (that is, he’s not anemic and the Epo is definitely still working), his weight remains stable and his electrolytes are normal.

Dr. C is giving me the Epo to administer at home now so I have two weeks worth and we don’t have to go back in during that time. Yay!


despite my best efforts to get my sleeping schedule back on track, i still could not fall asleep in time to get a full night’s rest last night. i did get tired on time, so i am hopeful this will work itself out in a day or two. i may have to kick moses out of the bedroom for a few nights; as I was drifting off last night I heard him come in and pee on his bedding, which of course meant getting up again and cleaning it up. ugh. i think i need to change his name from mr. kittypants to mr. pissypants.


the thought of going to mickey death for breakfast was awfully tempting this morning, but i didn’t. as i was thinking about it, i realized that i haven’t eaten any fast food since before christmas– probably right around when J came to visit. he’s a good influence on me that way.


i spoke with someone at my credit union this morning and finally got some good information on the convertible: we’re waiting for the title to be sent to the buyer’s credit union, and that should happen later this week. so basically, we’re waiting. i think i should probably start her up and run her around the neighborhood for a few minutes just to be on the safe side– it’s not good for her to sit unused in the cold for so long. i’m completely paranoid that something will happen to her between now and the completion of the sale, though.

In the “whew” department…

Mo’s PCV (red blood cell count) is up 5% over last week, to 25%. Target is around 35%. so that means the Epo is still effective, and that’s a big relief.

I’ll be administering his next two Epo shots myself over the holiday, but it shouldn’t be a big deal because it’s done the same as insulin, and Dr. C already prepared the syringes for me.

We’ll be in Va for an extended period over the break and he always has a fine time up there, plus he’s obviously feeling more energetic this week, so he’ll be SuperHappyKitty, which will be great.