don’t scare me like that!

earlier this evening i looked over at moses and i thought he was dead. i mean, i really thought this was it, from the way he was laying there. he’d just up and died while right next to me, and i hadn’t even noticed.

i yelled his name and his eyes flew open and his head popped up, and he was all like, “huh? what? eh?”

he was just sleepin’ extra hard. i think because his dinner was delayed and then he had an extra large meal.

he’s doing just fine these days. i really could swear his ears and nose look like a reasonable pink color and i hope his anemia is turning back around again. we’ll find out friday.

Happy cat in Va

It seems that moses has reached a point where he’s really happy at J’s house. He’s even comfortable being downstairs and likes to position himself at the nexus of everything (the hallway), then give us eye-squeezies while we make breakfast.

This morning while we were all hanging out upstairs, moses walked right over to Reese and started sniffing him. He never growls at Reese any more, and only scolds him when he thinks reese might be trying to get his food.

His ears and nose still look pale to me– not the palest I’ve ever seen them, so hopefully the epo is at least helping him maintain– but I would so much rather see them nice and pink. J also commented that he looked a little thinner than he did over thanksgiving. On the other hand, his coat has improved a great deal since we started the potassium and he’s still pretty plump. so most of the time, he still seems like a nice soft kitty.

anyway, he’s having a good time still so all is good. i think i’m going to put up a christmas tree this week so that should make life a little more interesting for him at home.

In other good news, I have a buyer for the convertible! She is offering me less than asking price but still significantly more than I’d get at carmax, and as a bonus she really seems to love the car and not be bothered at all by the cosmetic issues. i’m holding out until Monday to see if the other person offers me a higher price, but in my gut i think she had too many uncertainties about the car and i don’t think she’ll want it.

mo and other updates

mo had a checkup today. his red blood cell count keeps decreasing so we’re ramping up the epogen doses again. it’s possible that he’s developed antibodies to the epogen and it will no longer be effective. BUT let’s not dwell on that yet, shall we? maybe the larger doses will turn it around again. i _swear_ his nose and ears look a little pinker this evening.

otherwise, he’s pretty great. he gained back the weight he’d lost, i’ve been putting a lot of time into encouraging him to eat and i guess it paid off. his electrolytes are balanced again although the oral potassium supplement is messy and difficult to give. it’s kind of sugary and at least a little winds up dripping out of his mouth during the process, so he has little potassium icicles in his fur here and there. i’ve started giving him a sponge bath about once a week to get rid of that and just generally clean him up. it’s… semi-effective. he’s not that enthusiastic about it.

his fancypants memory foam bed arrived yesterday, and it actually is pretty awesome. much more awesome than the assortment of folded blankets i typically use for him. was it worth the money? ehhh… maybe not. but it is really nice.

i put it in front of his favorite heat vent and he seems to be extremely comfortable there– all stretched out and more relaxed than i usually see him. so i think that’s a win.


i re-started weight watchers on monday. so far, so good. it was either that or start shopping for clothes. this seems like the better option. cheaper, anyway. after all, i have fancypants pet beds to pay for.

speaking of financial shenanigans, i have a nibble on the convertible! someone at work wants to look at it friday. i’m trying not to get too hopeful about it, but if i were to actually sell it in a private sale, it would improve my finances considerably. oh yes.

i posted to the neighborhood listserv that creepy lawn guy was back and wow, huge discussion with elements of bickering and people getting all huffy and then other people complaining about how they’re sick of all the complaining. _ah, the internet._

the upshot seems to be that a lot of people don’t want him around (understandably, since it appears that he starts peeping again almost immediately after being released from jail), anyone who admits that they might consider hiring him again gets beaten down and yelled at (which is kind of understandable given that he is, technically, a sex offender), and he still keeps finding work in the neighborhood because, oh my god, maybe not everyone is on the list.

so that’s what’s new with me.


had a checkup at the vet yesterday. nothing too terrible, but he’s slipping in a few areas. he’s lost some weight, and he needs oral potassium supplements now. his anemia has also gotten slightly worse so we’ll step up the epo for a while.

so yesterday he had fluids, epo, and potassium and today he’s a new cat. woke me up caterwaulin’, freaked me out but he just wanted his breakfast. his voice has changed in the last year and he sounds like the bastard lovechild of a siamese cat and a police siren. NOT my favorite way to wake up.

i bought a waterproof mattress cover yesterday and i plan to try letting him back on the bed soon. hopefully then he’ll just glare at me when he wants his breakfast.

i finally decided to spring for this expensive memory foam pet bed i’ve been considering. it takes a long time to ship which bothers me; what if the situation with his health makes a bad turn next week and… you know? but whatever. chances are he’ll get to enjoy it and it’ll make him happy and comfortable.

a good mo check-up

just heard from the vet and it’s mostly all good news. his creatine level has dropped again to 3.5 which is really great. that’s the main indicator of how well his kidneys are functioning and how much the fluids are helping. apparently, a lot.

other things that must be monitored in the crf cat are at normal levels– phosphorus, potassium, and blood pressure.

blood sugar was still normal, so i was indeed wrong about the diabetes being back.

finally, he has become slighly anemic again but not dramatically. he’ll get another epogen shot tomorrow and given his past response to the drug, that should hold him for another two weeks.

so, here’s hoping we can keep him at this good place for a while to come. everything is very manageable right now and i like it like that. he’s also obviously feeling pretty good and happy.

Moses Burns

I have decided that my cat is like Mr. Burns on The Simpsons.

he has many illnesses

every third day, i pump him full of live-giving fluids

he’s shaky on his feet

and yet… he just keeps on living past all expectations.

i am not so sure that he has high blood sugar. wednesday he has a scheduled blood test and i decided to wait until then to find out. his water consumption and appetite are not that outrageous.

he fared very well during our trip to virtginia this weekend, and as always enjoyed the extended time in the car. no pee incidents in almost two weeks now, which is nice.

Moses the amazing wonder cat

In brief, moses:

* is still not diabetic

* is still not anemic, not even close

* doesn’t have to go back to vet for _two_ weeks this time, yay!

on the other hand, my credit card balance is less than healthy and needs help stat. must take action to sell convertible ASAP.

a good mo update

went to the vet this morning, and it was all about the medications he *didn’t* need. did not need epogen (for anemia). does not need insulin!

i think there may be a correlation between incontinence and insulin overdose, with him, so i am hopeful that there will be no more pee incidents today, and i can invite him to sleep in the bed with me again. i miss having him there when i wake up.

in other happy news, it looks like we’re going to get a few days of rain (the mo cam will be dark today due to cloud cover), and from where i’m sitting, i can see that my red pepper plant is actually about to produce some red peppers! which is pretty amazing for this time of year. in fact, from this angle the whole garden looks fantastic. basil, peppers, marjoram, rosemary, sage, lavender, and the pumpkin vine. i think i love my new back bedroom.