things i miss a lot

the starlite.

vis-art video. i’m amazed by how much i miss vis-art. i was going through new releases on netflix tonight and had a really visceral reaction while thinking _i SHOULD be browsing these on the vis-art shelves and now i never can again._

my convertible. every so often i really miss her, like on warm summer nights. _but_ it’s good i sold her before gas prices got so high.

a trip through space… and TIME!

more movies:

* *Persepolis* – if the academy chooses “surf’s up” over Persepolis for best animated feature, i’ll kill myself. this could have so easily been as big of a drag as _Reds_ but the graphic novel look and edgy main character completely saves it. the best part is watching her rock out to Iron Maiden. Takes place in Iran and Vienna through the 1980’s.

* *The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford* – I’m just not that into westerns, I guess. However, I love Casey Affleck and I’m completely baffled as to why he’s considered to be a supporting actor; the entire story is told from his point of view. I guess Brad Pitt _requires_ top billing. Whatever.

* *Elizabeth – The Golden Age* – special bonus: Clive Owen! Gorgeous costumes and Owen manages to pull off one memorable, intimate moment with his future wife, but otherwise it’s an historical drama and not particularly human.

* *No Country For Old Men* – I was kind of meh about this movie overall; not up to the Cohen brothers’ usual snuff. Javier Bardem is certainly creepy and memorable as the antagonist and I wouldn’t be surprised if he walks away with the Oscar tomorrow.

My brain is all but fried, but I still want to see *There Will Be Blood* before tomorrow evening.

movie: Charlie Wilson’s War

this movie takes place from 1980 until 1988– while i was in junior high, high school, and college. during that time, i didn’t watch the news, i didn’t read the paper, and by the time i got to college i didn’t even watch tv at all. i was clueless about a covert war in afghanistan.

so my only exposure to that event is a movie starring tom hanks and julia roberts. how sad is that?

it felt strange to laugh during a movie about such a serious topic, but that’s the hollywood treatment: sugar makes the medicine go down. there were, in fact, some fairly comic bits in the movie. the refugee camp scenes (the most serious parts of the film) cannot be compared to those in ‘beyond borders’, which might be considered as an interesting companion to this movie.

it was nicely put together, smooth, entertaining, and probably largely factual.

quit yelling, lady

we saw the golden compass tonight. it was disappointing and a little boring. the best part is the bear. the characters aren’t well developed and new ones spring up abruptly, spouting extremely implausible, difficult to remember names. the witches were way too ren-faire.

otherwise, things in virginia are pleasant and a nice change from the stress just prior to and on christmas day.

after the movie was over, this very tall woman in the row in front of us stood up and started loudly berating her husband for not having an imagination.

RIP, Bob Groves: The Starlite was your life

“The owner of the Durham Starlite Drive-In, Bob Groves, died Friday, March 9, 2007.”:

This is very sad. I had been thinking of going to the Starlite soon, with the nice weather. Bob worked at drive-in theaters from the time he was 13 years old, living in Cumberland, MD. He’d been running the Starlite since at least the 70’s, I believe. With Bob’s passing, I imagine the future of the Starlite is uncertain. For the sake of Durham and Bob’s memory, I hope it passes to new owners who continue to operate it as a drive-in.

I am very, very sad.


there’s a crime movie starring CLIVE OWEN, JODIE FOSTER, (and denzel), and directed by SPIKE LEE.

[squeal like a total fangirl!]

“Inside Man”:


also, today at lunch i saw a woman wearing the most impossible shoes. the highest, thinnest stiletto heels, at least four inches, five would not be out of the question. the footbed was angled so sharply that it formed an “L”. points so long they curled up like an elf’s shoe. the woman attached to these highly improbable pieces of footwear was, naturally, petite, slender, impeccably groomed, and looked entirely out of place at Char-Grill. she shifted uncomfortably. you know what? _i think they hurt._

jan 3 – the name of the rose

i’ve seen this many times before but ah, what the hell. a fun mystery (i can never _quite_ remember the solution, so there’s still a bit of a surprise each time); brief but hot sex with a very, very young christian slater. freakish monk behavior. oliver reed. an ensemble of some of the strangest looking men ever to grace a single film. sean connery before he started to slip.

jan 2 – run lola run; a series of unfortunate events

‘run lola run’ – utterly fantastic german film about a girl (Franka Potente, the romantic lead in ‘the bourne identity’ and ‘the bourne supremacy’) who has 20 minutes to get 100,000 marks to save her boyfriend (played by the guy who played the lead in das experiment, Moritz Bleibtreu). i will tell you that the action of the film takes place in, essentially, real time (yet is much longer than 20 minutes); that franka potente is incredibly athletic; that there’s some excellent use of animation in certain places.

i don’t want to tell you too much else lest i ruin the fun; trust me that it’s good.


‘a series of unfortunate events’ – covered “here”:

jan 1 – ringu

like sarah, i watch a lot of movies. now that i’m not hell bent on being hyperproductive all the time, i watch a whole lotta movies. perhaps more than i should admit to publicly. but this year i think i will take the suggestion i made to her last year, and document them in my blog. at least, until it becomes too embarassing and i no longer wish to expose my ridiculous media consumption.

so. january 1st. ‘ringu’, the japanese horror movie that was remade by hollywood and called by them ‘the ring’. i found ‘the ring’ quite horrifying but ‘ringu’ less so, possibly because of the environment and company in which i watched it; possibly because i’m more of a sucker for hollywood special effects. i actually found the american story a little richer and more surprising, but then it was completely new to me.