WKNC dj “discovers” local music

“Steve Salevan provides a home for local music on the airwaves”:http://www.indyweek.com/gyrobase/Content?oid=oid%3A261065

Ross Grady (of WXDU) gets a one-line mention. WXYC’s decades-long devotion to local music is skipped entirely.

Ross Grady? His local music show started at WKNC. Back when they were nothing but metal.

Whatever. At least they finally woke up and smelt the music scene. They get a cookie.


this is the second time someone i knew from wxdu wound up on b2. this time it’s someone i never knew well, although he seriously dated one of my friends from the station. he’s being mentioned in a complimentary way.

the first time was someone i did know pretty well and he was mentioned on b2 in a very un-complimentary way.

so go figure.


i’ll be on the air tomorrow night, 8-10pm ET. 88.7fm for locals; wxdu.org/listen for others.

the real stream is back, and i know how to fix the webcam if it’s too dark. there won’t be a live band on before me, and i stand some chance of knowing things on the playlist. i think it’ll be better than last time.

ETA: “playlist.”:http://destoria.bootp.duke.edu/djspace/plmanager/world/printplaylist.php?show_id=551

also, i meant to play “blue oyster cult” by shonen knife, because their drummer died yesterday, and i played that song on either my xdu aircheck tape or on my very first radio show on wqfs. but i forgot.

all hair, all the time

it was like an herbal essence commercial up in the studio tonight.


young trainee: i just know i’m going to screw something up.

old geezer: well, i can’t tell you how many times i screwed up tonight, and i’ve been a dj since 1988

metal show guy: in 1988, i was in second grade.

young trainee: in 1988, i was two.