XTC not so much, anymore

“Interview with Andy Partridge in The A.V. Club”:http://www.avclub.com/content/node/58367

that’s ok. we’ve got thirty-odd years worth of their music to play with.

ETA: the comments are a total snorkfest. my favorite: “XTC: Bollocks.” and, of course, “i’d like another order of barbed wire salad with fetus, please.”

andy cracks me the fuck up, and as one commenter says, he’s no more depressed and reclusive than he ever is. that’s just all the magic of andy.

i hope he writes that cross-dressing cowboy musical. i’d fly to england to see that.

shake body!

i’ll admit that i’m not a huge fan of amercian hip-hop these days. african hip-hop is a different story.

“Naija Jams blog highlights ‘Shake Body’ video by ChiiDo.”:http://www.naijajams.com/chiido-shake-body

there’s no doubt that this is african music, after the intro. and the dancers are fantastic. i don’t watch a lot of videos, so this isn’t saying much, but definitely one of the best videos (or bits of film) i’ve seen in a while.

iggy pop recommendation

i think at least one or two of my readers still remember “rock and roll” type music.

iggy pop songs that i like:

“The Passenger” (even though it has been used in like 90 commercials now)

“The Horse Song”. This song came up during the drive home last night while the iPod was on random shuffle. Awesome. I want more!

Based on those two songs, can anyone recommend an Iggy Pop album that I should check out?

the hottest song i have heard in a long time

offa “studio one scorcher”, “shockers rock” by an all-star cast of: Tommy McCook, Richard Ace, The Skatalites And Disco Height.

this makes me think of a room full of hot, sweaty people getting down so hard that the floor is bending underneath you, like that party at rick!’s old house.

it has this crazy break in the middle where it seems like the song ends, then immediately picks up into a new song that then becomes the old one. might be jarring to people who are seriously getting their groove on (as they should be), but nevertheless: hot, hot hot.

p.s., the thing about being drunk is that it may not get me to bed any earlier, but i just don’t care anymore how tired and sleep-deprived my sorry ass am.

all glass, all the time

i love philip glass. well– his music. his early music. i’ve seen him perform live twice, i went to that terrible 3-d film that he scored, i even met him (sort of) when he brought powaqqatsi to duke. i’ve got a pristine first press of ‘Einstein on the Beach’ on vinyl that i scored at Ameoba in Berkely. there’s a part in EotB where i swear they’re saying my name over and over again. i’m a fan, although i don’t listen to his stuff so much these days.

so today…

1. dj BC (the same fellow, i believe, who brought us the Beastles) hit boingboing with a set of Philip Glass / hip-hop mashups. yeah, ok, boingboing earned its keep today. and it was even xeni who posted the link.

2. the new Battlestar Galactica ep that aired tonight featured a Glass piece quite prominently. i knew it was glass; had no idea which piece or even which album. happily, the BG message boards not only had an ID on the song, but a link to a free d/l. thank god.

those songs get in your head like a virus.

kraftwerk @ the 9:30 club

is anyone interested in travelling to DC or NYC to see kraftwerk?

they are playing may 30 & 31 @ the 9:30 in DC; jun 1 in NYC. sadly none of these dates are on a weekend.

i missed them when they had their “comeback” tour a few years ago and i was pretty bummed about it. it’s one of those things where i don’t necessarily expect it to be that astounding of a show, but they are one of Those Bands… like Neubauten, or Throbbing Gristle, that are so important to the development of the music i like that seeing them gives me a shudder.

and hey, if i come home with an air compressor, all the better.


1. _Total amount of music files on your computer?_ 3616 songs/10.2 days/16.03gb

2. _The last CD you bought was…_ on iTunes, The Specials/The Specials. In a physical music store, I bought a batch of four: Trojan Lovers Box Set, 600% Dynamite, Chicks Rock comp and Durham Rocks comp.

3. _What was the last song you listened to before reading this message?_ “I wanna be adored” by the Stone Roses.

4. _Write down five songs you often listen to or that mean a lot to you._

1) Roadrunner/Modern Lovers

2) Harvest Festival/XTC

3) Cinnabar/Pram

4) Interpol. It’s hard to pick just one.

5) Hot Potato/Freestyle Fellowship

5. _What 3 people are you going to pass this baton to and why?_

“christa,”:http://singintomymouth.com/blog/ “jason!”:http://www.livejournal.com/users/jason0x21 and “d.”:http://del.icio.us/wdc

d. claims to have a blog, let’s see him put his money where his mouth is. besides, he’s a huge music geek.