little bits

i found a little cache of money left from my 1991 trip to europe – such small amounts from each country that it was impractical to change it for US money. i just sorted it into little packets by country. who knows – maybe i’ll travel to sweden or luxemborg again. if you can even use these old coins anymore? i guess you probably can.

* UK – 36p

* DE – 40p

* DK – 5 kroner (coolest looking coin)

* Luxembourg – 197 francs

* Sweden – 109 kroner, 60 ore

* Canada – $5.44

Sweden, June 1991

Probably the only photo taken during my trip to europe in summer of 1991. Hopefully the other folks in the image won’t mind it being posted to the internet, which barely existed when this was taken.

That’s me on the far left, my friend Pia next to me. The rest of those folks are her family, and I believe this was taken at her parents’ dairy farm in central Sweden.

Sweden, June 1991

Found in one of my many boxes o’ crap. Every so often they yield a small gem, which is why I do go through them all. Fortunately I started dealing with my crap problem in time to be able to reasonably go through most everything.

Additional notes.

* City Cafe in downtown Indy is a great place for breakfast. Blueberry cornmeal pancakes with lemon syrup and a side of bacon (DUH) for me; smoked salmon eggs benedict over grits florentine (instead of an english muffin) with a grainy mustard sauce for J.

* The Indianapolis Propylaeum is stunningly gorgeous.

* I have traffic circle envy. Our hotel is adjacent to a traffic circle that is lined in brick and adorned with a 3-story high statute.

* I am pleased to have reached a point in my life where we can stay at a nice hotel for a day or two. It makes all the difference. This place has done right by use twice now.


* it takes 12-14 hours to travel between Durham and Indianapolis. Don’t let Google Maps lie to you about this.

* The GPS was more help in Louisville than in Indy.

* Lynn’s Paradise Cafe is an excellent place to stop for dinner.

* Bob Evans is a terrible place to stop for lunch, or probably for any meal.

* It’s better not to know that the thunderstorm you’re driving through is spawning tornadoes until after the fact.

aaahhhhhhhh high speed wireless

first real internet access i’ve had since leaving home over a week ago. everything i’ve done in the last week has been over the cell phone. most things work great but working in flickr is a nightmare so i plan to do some major housekeeping there tonight.

i am on my way home now from roswell, having dropped J at the albq. airport this morning. i’m in amarillo now enjoying a particularly luxurious holiday inn express which is worth every damn penny. we’ve been staying in motel 6’s along the way (except for a verrrry nice place in downtown indy) and while they do provide good cheap basic accomodation, they get kinda old after a while.

on the way into amarillo i spotted the cadillac ranch from the road and pulled over for a close up look. photos will go up on flickr tonight. it was very cool, but i have to say nowhere near as powerful and surreal as carhenge in nebraska.

just spoke to J on the phone, he survived the flight (his first since before 9/11) and it appears that the cat and the dog did not eat each other while we were gone, which is good.

well, i think i will take advantage of being in a real city and order in some chinese food. that’ll be nice.


all the stuff i’ve had to do this week has kinda been weighing on my mind, but yesterday i made One Big List, which has allowed me to stop obsessing over the details of what’s on that list, and I also met with the other “NBeast”: folks and we decided what all of our pricing is, which is the thing that we really needed to do.

so this morning i woke up early feeling rested and great, knocked a few things off that list, and now i’m at work and finally thinking, _ohmigod! new york! i’m going to new york! my favorite city!_

it’s been ten years at least, maybe more since i’ve been… and i think the experience of going with my 30-something girlfriends will be both completely different from the hipster indie rock days of yore experiences i had in the 90’s, and also completely fun, too.

we will be staying eight blocks away from the fluevog store.

NYC in august

so, it appears that i’ll be spending five days in NYC in august. the weather notwithstanding, i’m looking forward to my first visit to the city in probably ten years.

so, i’m not really up to date on fun things to do in the city (although i do have a few things in mind)… perhaps those of you who live there or have visited recently could make some suggestions!

i think we’ve already found a good, cheap place to stay.