Char-Grill in Durham

yes! there is now a char-grill in durham, and tonight we ate there.

things that are the same:

* the fries

* the burgers

* you write your order on a little slip, and put it down a chute

things that are different, and therefore heretical and wrong:

* there’s an inside

* with individual tables and chairs – no picnic tables

* and music, heat, and presumably air conditioning

* you don’t automatically get fries and a drink

* there’s a place to check off ketchup and mustard for your burger, you don’t have to write it in.

* you get your own drink and condiments

it’s over by woodcroft, and it’s in durham, so i’m sure it will be populated by people who have _no idea_ what the char-grill is. but that’s okay. the guy at the window i talked to worked at the original store for three years and i’ve decided that he’s okay.