cheese is good

yesterday, i went back on atkins. like full-on, what they call ‘induction’, the really restrictive first phase that everyone is supposed to start with. having gained back about half of the weight i lost in… was it 2002? 2003? i can’t remember… i decided i needed to be very serious about weight loss again for a while. i hope this time i can get down further than i did the first time.

yesterday i felt fine, but today i had a lot of fatigue and hunger and even a little queasyness. on atkins, you can eat all you want and you can eat lots of meat and fats and veggies, but i find i still have to eat almost constantly sometimes. i’m trying to cut back on caffiene pretty severely, too, so it’s hard to know what’s causing the fatigue, but it doesn’t really matter.

the funny thing is how easily i’ve gotten back into the groove. once you learn how, it isn’t _that_ difficult, which is not to say that i’m immune from temptation. i’ll be avoiding it as much as possible for a while. the guys at work are like, “well, can’t you still go to char-grill and just not eat the bun or the fries?” well, yeah, and i’ve done that before but please don’t put me in that position any time soon. really.

the other funny thing is how the oddest things become decadent. right now i’m snacking on some double gloucester cotswold (a very rich cheddar with flecks of chive) and it seems so very extravagant and comforting.


today nearly became another tiredly boring day (ok, so i was dealing with fatigue and getting my kitchen in order and that sort of thing), but mary happily rescued me from all of that with a trip to SRI. i finally found a pair of black low top chucks in my size– i’ve been wanting some for a while. i also got a pair of extremely comfortable yet ladylike kitten heels in a shiny orange-brown.