chocolate. now.

it doesn’t happen very often, but every once in a while i have a serious chocolate craving. i had one today; it lasted all afternoon and reached a sort of fever pitch after work. i was really craving chocolate cake, but had to compromise with edy’s no sugar added triple chocolate.

chocolate cravings were a little easier to deal with back when i ate sugar. now i have to be a bit more creative. i could really go for, say, a really high quality chocolate truffle. in fact, i haven’t had any “vosges truffles”: in a long time, and that would be so perfect. (if you’ve never had them, and you like chocolate, you owe it to yourself. and be adventurous– wasabi and ginger truffles are better than you might think.)

of course, one day the world will catch up with the needs of the sugar-challenged, i am sure. or maybe i will decide that one little chocolate truffle isn’t the end of the world.