creative postcard exchange

i was thinking yesterday how sad it is that i don’t get any “real” mail any more. just virtual mail and junk mail.

so i was thinking i could set up a creative postcard exchange. a little thing where each participant would receive the snail mail address of another participant, and they’d send a postcard with some original artwork on it to their recipient.

if you have any interest, post a comment to this entry (but DON’T PUT YOUR ADDRESS IN IT! no need to broadcast that to the world). just make sure i have your email address, and i’ll contact you privately for your mailing address, and to send you the address of your recipient.

depending on the enthusiasm with which this is greeted, i’ll probably have to have a cutoff date (maybe a week out from today) after which you’ll have to wait for the next round.


*note:* i’ve set the date of this entry to the end of the month, which will keep it at the top of my page until then. if you’re interested, you have between now and then to express interest. if you have friends who don’t normally read this blog who might be interested, direct them this way. on july 1st or 2nd i will email mailing addresses out to everyone and you can get to work!