current obsession: drought

those of you who have known me for some time know that i usually have an obsession of some kind cooking. it might be something i can’t fucking stop talking about, or it might be something that i mostly obsess over in private, or i might write loooooong boring blog entries about, oh, say, water in my basement.

but there’s always something– and there’s often something new.

new obsession: rain, and drought. officially, this area is in a drought. hard to believe what with the water in the basement, but it’s true. i’ve started checking the precipitation measurements on “weather underground”: after rainy days, to see if we’ve caught up.

tonight i made for myself a little chart:


apr 24	 8.12	13.74	 5.62

apr 25   8.56	13.83	 5.27

apr 26   8.72	13.92	 5.20

we have caught up a little bit.