Diversionary tactics.

Reports are that Mo is fine today, just a little “growly”. I guess that’s to be expected.

I don’t like him not being here.


One of my usual online diversions is unavailable right now, so I’ll distract myself by recounting this weekend, which was fun.

We went to the Pungo Strawberry Festival, which I keep saying is like a county fair with extra strawberries. We were careful to ride the ferris wheel _before_ gorging on strawberry shortcake, strawberry filled crepes, and a strawberry parfait.

On Monday we went to Ft. Monroe after breakfast. It’s both an historic site and an active Army base. The old fort has an actual moat, which is cool. Lots of great old buildings, including an “abandoned hotel.”:http://www.flickr.com/photos/spacegrrl/155773077/

We went into one building called -The Casement- “The Casemate.”:http://www-tradoc.army.mil/museum/museum.asp It’s a museum. Upon walking in a strange smell immediately made me feel sick. The ceilings were very low, and it’s a long rabbit-warren sort of building. After only one room, I knew I needed to leave (and J had commented that the entrance door locks behind one), and nearly panicked trying to find the exit. I’m a little claustorphobic.

J decided to try grilling this weekend. Given that neither of us know much about grilling, we did ok. Steak on Saturday night, and ribs on Sunday night. Both nights we roasted potatoes and green beans down in the coals.

And of course, birthday cake. It’s actually scary how easy it was to make such a damn good cake. I wouldn’t be completely immodest about it if the sheer rich goodness of the thing weren’t a _fact._ Between the Krispy Kremes, the strawberries, and the cake, I think I’ve eaten my dessert allotment for the year.


Watching old episodes of The Saint isn’t as much fun without Mo. Neither is eating breakfast without an alert, pointed face watching for the moment the bacon dish is free.

Well, he’ll be home tomorrow.