don’t have to tell me twice

well, ok, maybe twice, but _no more._

4:30pm, i walk outside with co-worker C. so he can transfer my “reel to reel”: from my car to his. note that the weather is drop-dead, stunningly north carolina gorgeous– the blue sky we’re famous for, perfect temperature, humidity, light breezes, a total lack of stinging insects divebombing one, etc. this occurs like twice a year here. i ruminate on what a pity it is that i am supposed to work for another hour and a half.

5:15pm, while diligently testing some new code, i realize my connection to the network is horked, and reboot. this strategy fails because the real problem is that my account is locked. only the help desk can get me out of this pickle, so i call them. _see how good i am being? i am totally trying to continue to work!_ i get put on hold. the hold music lulls me into… well, boredom, and i contemplate that perhaps i am being _sent a message_ by the universe. the nice hold lady comes on and asks me, in her automated fashion, if i wish to continue holding. i swear, i did push 1 to continue holding but realize that i’d be a fool to stay on the line if she came on again. i start rooting for her to re-appear in my ear. she does! I hang up! I leave! I put the top down on the convertible and speed home for an early supper of chips, hummus, and salsa.

i shall now mow the lawn and do many other things to prepare for a weekend of excitement in _another state._