maaaaaany strange dreams and awakenings at odd hours last night. the one this morning i still have some memories of; i found a late model, rust free vw beetle at a yard sale and paid cash for it on the spot. this segue’d into one of my travelling dreams (a very common theme in my dreams; i travel great distances, over all sorts of terrain, often covering entire cities). the end goal of my travels was to drive the beetle to… school. my old high school in raleigh. on my way in, i stopped at a clubhouse where my fellow students often stopped, to see if anyone i knew was there. at that point, the beetle, which i’d had trouble driving due to the seat not being adjusted properly, became a sort of rideable umbrella. like riding on a motorized pogo stick. as i entered raleigh, the sky turned cloudy, then dark as night, and i wished i’d driven spacepod. the difficulty with a rideable umbrella, see, is that you can’t ride it if you need to use it as an umbrella! i met a man as i was crossing a street, and told him i was going to school… “high school, actually!” he didn’t seem to think this was odd, though I certainly did. aren’t i a little old for high school? i was glad to see that the walk/don’t walk sign was also flashing the time and temperature, and that i had 20 more minutes to get to school.